Bala and Wolf are welcomed to MHS staff


Caroline Colt

The newest physics and biology teacher at MHS is Amanda Bala.

Caroline Colt, Assistant Editor

Meeting one’s teachers is a crucial part of the first day of school. As students rush to their locker and compare schedules with friends, they may have noticed some unfamiliar faces walking through the halls.

Two teachers have joined the staff of Milford for the 2022-23 school year and whether you see them in class every day or just at a passing glance, it is important to get to know them.


Ms. Bala

The newest physics and biology teacher is Amanda Bala. After double majoring at Western Michigan University in ecology and environmental studies, Bala attended the University of Indianapolis to get her degree in teaching. “First, I was an education specialist right out of college,” Bala said. “So I was like a teacher at a zoo… And then I moved over to the Indianapolis Zoo and I was a [zoo] keeper there for three years.”

After her time working with animals, Bala started teaching and 20 years later (after teaching for four years at Muir Middle), she arrived at Milford.

“I actually really like it here,” Bala said. “About 75% of my students are kids that I’ve already had. It’s the familiar faces that are awesome and the science department is absolutely phenomenal. They are all so welcoming and enthusiastic and just a great group of people.”

Bala currently has two children at Milford: Sophomore Cameron and Freshman Collin, whom she enjoys spending time with. Aside from her kids, Bala’s students have been enjoying her enthusiasm and teaching style in the classroom. “She’s a really fun and open minded person,” Freshman Daphne Smith remarked. “She makes it fun to learn.”

Outside of school, Bala enjoys skiing, hiking and biking, among other various outdoor activities. She is excited to witness the spirit and activities surrounding homecoming, as well as all the other phenomenal events that Milford has to offer.


Mr. Wolf

Ethan Wolf, or Profe Lobo as his students call him, is a Spanish I and II teacher. “I’m loving Milford; I think that the kids here care about learning a lot,” Wolf said. “I’m really excited to just get involved with students and be a part of the school community.”

Wolf studied at Western Michigan University for an undergraduate degree and earned his bachelor’s in Spanish linguistics and Biology. He then obtained his master’s in teaching and student-taught at Walled Lake Northern High School. In his spare time, the freshman student council advisor enjoys watching Barcelona FC. “I’m a big soccer fan,” Wolf said. “I also played baseball in high school, so the Tigers are my team.”

Most students also may not know that Wolf planned and organized a Nick Jonas and Lil Yachty concert while at Western Michigan.

Wolf is looking forward to opportunities in his classes surrounding holidays like The Day Of The Dead (Día De Los Muertos) and is excited to “bring a little bit of the Spanish speaking world to Milford,” he said.

Wolf already seems to be captivating an audience, as students have begun to admire his charisma and his class’s welcoming atmosphere. “Mr. Wolf is a really fun and caring teacher,” Sophomore Keegan Arnold said. “He really cares about his students and makes learning fun and interesting. He’s definitely one of my favorites this year.”

Bala and Wolf are both excellent additions to the staff at Milford, as they will continue to inspire and help students learn and grow.

So, next time that you may be in the crowded, bustling hallways walking to class, look around and maybe you will run into one of our brand new teachers at MHS.

Ethan Wolf, or Profe Lobo as his students
call him, is a Spanish I and II teacher. (Caroline Colt)