Warzecha– a bright smile and a brighter future


Patti Warzecha

Ella in her cheer uniform

Chloe Mobley, assistant editor

Ella Warzecha’s bright smile from the track while cheering on Milford under the Friday night lights is something people will remember from Milford High School. However, she is so much more than a smiling face on the sideline. She will be even more remembered for her   positive impact on her community.

Warzecha is the epitome of a leader and someone who her peers look to as a role model. Many people would be surprised to know that as an incoming freshman four years ago, she was timid to step outside of her comfort zone and reach out to others as she was shy and less social than today. Now the amount of people that Warzecha has reached and touched with her selfless personality is so great and inspiring. “If you would’ve met me freshman year I probably would not have approached you because I really struggled to even start simple conversations. Even though I’m still not the most outgoing person I have changed a lot in that way by wanting to make new connections and relationships with people,” Warzecha shared about how she has changed. “I’ve grown as a leader by now being able to take people under my wing and impact them.”

Through all of her hard work, Warzecha has been recognized as top 10 at Milford which is the highest recognition in academics for her impressive 4.3 GPA.

She has excelled in many advanced placement and honors classes at Milford High School all while balancing being a varsity athlete in three sports and a vital member of Leadership at Milford. Her favorite elective at Milford was Mr. Gilbert’s Leadership class which strongly impacted her in many ways, “Growing as a person, helping within the school and community, and building upon the traditions at Milford has been a great experience in Leadership.” Her favorite advanced placement class has been Chemistry, “I really learned how to find myself as a student and balance grades while enjoying the class and working together with the people in it as well.”

“I love the community atmosphere at Milford, the relationships between the students, staff, and everyone in the community is special,” Warzecha said when she was asked what she will miss most about her beloved school. “I will miss the family we’ve created over the last 4 years.”

Her greatest advice for future and current students is to “get involved, it truly does make a difference because high school is what you make of it. Find your balance of working hard and having fun, finding that my last two years here for me have been a big part in making my experience so great.”

Warzecha is truly well-rounded as she is dedicated to academics as well as a multitude of responsibilities and extra-curricular activities at Milford.

As a cheerleader, member of track and field, student council member, National Honors Society member, and a Leadership student she embodies a giving and well-organized leader.

Her favorite moment at Milford as a competitive cheerleader was breaking the school record in all three rounds this year with a score of 778 at Districts. “We were up there with some of the top teams in the state, I always dreamed of my team getting that far.” Warzecha said with pride in her team’s accomplishments.

Warzecha will continue her cheer career at Grand Valley State University next year. She is excited to bring what she has learned from cheering at Milford and cheer alongside teammates Karli Fahey and Maddie Gasser. Warzecha shared that she is “excited to grow more as a person with a new team and to create new memories while always remembering what I had before at Milford.”

As she has been honored to be captain of the team, All Conference, All Region, All District, MVP, and Rookie of the Year over the last four years, she represents Milford Cheer exceptionally well. She also received the Golden Megaphone award, which is honored to an especially dedicated leader on the team.

Something people may not know about Warzecha is that she is impressively creative in all aspects of life.

She has unique and helpful ideas and dedicates herself to bringing those to life through the organizations she is involved in and on her own account as well. She has probably been the artist behind a beautiful poster you’ve seen in the hallway or a creative social media promotion for something going on at Milford. Warzecha shared how she balances so many responsibilities at once,“I need to be really organized, I make a lot of schedules and to-do lists to help me visually see what I need to do.”

Warzecha is always planning or envisioning something great and unique for Milford High School students to enjoy, whether it be involved in charity or homecoming week, or if it’s just any other day at Milford.

“Working with so many people, creating new relationships and getting to do so many things for others at Milford has been a blessing.”