Senior Ryan Meyer demonstrates academic, artistic success


Ryan Meyer, the “Class Picasso,” will be attending Michigan State University in the fall (Photo courtesy of Ryan Meyer).

Alexis Cornett, Editor in Chief

It takes a truly exceptional student to strive for success both in and out of school. As one of the top 10 of the senior class, senior Ryan Meyer achieved one of the highest honors of Milford High School. Meyer’s success extended to his involvement in Milford’s extracurriculars and art program.

Meyer will be attending Michigan State University Honors College after high school to study engineering. Meyer also plans on minoring in something related to art such as graphic design. Meyers’s artistic talent earned him “Class Picasso” and several features in the Milford art show.

“Ryan was a pleasure to have in class,” art teacher Brian Salyers said. “He has a tremendous eye for art, and an excellent ability to translate what he sees to a higher level. He does exceptional work, and I am always excited to see what he does with the art assignments.”

Meyer has the unique ability to flesh out extraordinary artwork that enraptured viewers.

Meyer’s interest in science was partly inspired by his AP Chemistry teacher Maya Kempff and AP Biology teacher Robert Vosk who he remembers as compassionate and motivating teachers. “Mr. Vosk is such an amazing person who has gained my utmost respect,” Meyer said.

“[Vosk is] someone who without fail will greet every student outside his door and just talk to them,” Meyer said. “One of my favorite memories at Milford High School can be attributed to Mr. Vosk’s pancake breakfast my sophomore year… Mrs. Kempff taught the arguably hardest class in Milford, at least I’d argue it was, but I always looked forward to it. AP Chemistry was such a challenging class that Mrs. Kempff made fun. I will always remember the random tangents she went on that were always so intriguing, but my undoubtedly favorite memory with Mrs. Kempff was post AP exam. She’s the only teacher at this school I’ve played cards with, threw the frisbee with, played board games with and played volleyball with.”

Vosk highlights Meyer’s incredible work ethic in class. “Not only did Ryan bring such a positive atmosphere to class, but he was really good at picking things up fast and knowing the information,” Vosk said. “He was always able to repeat the information back to me.”

Meyer was also involved in the leadership program for two years, the Milford Soccer team all four years of high school, and National Honor Society for two years.

“High School provides us with a playground to see our friends every single day and that’s not something you’ll have forever,” Meyer said. “Cherish those conversations you have before and after class. Walk with your friends for their next hour. Tell jokes in class. Make the most of the short time we have in high school.”