Chevrolet commercial features Milford teacher



Lori Gleason with former students Autumn Lagowski, Ashley Legato and Ryan Legato posing by the Chevy car in front of Milford high school.

Zack Bonza-Brodie, Staff Writer

Lori Gleason is our AP Physics teacher at Milford High School, and has been teaching here for the last 25 years.

Gleason has been an amazing influence on the lives of many students, both through her work as a teacher, and also through her work leading the HOT robotics team.

In fact, she made such an impact on her students and robotics students lives, that she was chosen by General Motors to be the star of their new teacher appreciation commercial.

The commercial was shot right here at Milford High School, and showed off a few locations within the school. The first of which was Gleason classroom, where the camera crew came in and set up all their equipment to capture Gleason teaching her 6th hour class in a natural environment.

Seniors who had signed waivers saying they were allowed to be on camera were planted in the front of the class, and Gleason gave a lesson on magnetism. When asked about how she felt before the commercial started shooting, “I was nervous and not sure of how the shoot was going to go, but I trusted the professionals to do their job and help it all come together,” Gleason said.

The film crew shot all of their classroom scenes, which included some of Gleason’s old students coming back to surprise her.

Unbeknown to Gleason at the time, the commercial was a teacher appreciation commercial, and the students were coming back to show how much Gleason had changed their lives and shown them their path forward in their lives.

They thanked her for all of her hard work as a teacher and gave her flowers, creating a truly magical moment.

Next they moved to the CPA to focus on the other way Gleason impacts kids lives as a robotics mentor. They filmed Gleason and some of her robotics kids working on the 2022 practice robot and 2020 competition robot. Gleason and her students got both of them operational and drove them around on a practice field set up on the stage of the CPA.

The final part of the commercial was with the part that focused on the car, with Gleason and her aforementioned adult students standing next to it and driving it around. They were set up in the teacher parking lot, getting a nice shot of the car with the high school as a beautiful background.

In the end, once it was released, the commercial came together perfectly showing a comprehensive overview of how Gleason has worked hard to impact the lives of both students who have long since graduated and gone on to do great things, as well as the students she is currently working with.

The commercial currently has 68,000 views on YouTube under the official Chevrolet channel and is being released as a commercial on TV. Gleason stated that she was “very pleased” as to how the commercial came out, and the film crew (which consisted of over 60 people) did their job well, making the hours of filming come together into 30 seconds of film.