Finding the perfect gift for this Mother’s Day


An example of a homemade Mother’s Day card; a must-make for the Mom in your life.

Anna Malik, Assistant Editor

If your family is anything like mine, Mother’s day tends to sneak up on us. Not only does it tend to sneak up on us, but when it does we then scramble to figure out a proper gift for the occasion. Every year, like most mothers, my mom tends to “not want anything.” However, this person represents someone much more than a wife or a mother, so a gift is essential. What do you do for the perfect gift? Don’t worry! Here are a few gift ideas for Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day gifts can be organized into four categories: store-bought and expensive, store-bought and less expensive but more practical, homemade and experiences. Store-bought and expensive items could include jewelry, certain electronics, clothing items or beauty products.

A new work computer is a practical gift and will be in daily use, as well as something like an Apple Watch. These gifts usually show that you care a lot about them due to the fact that you are willing to spend a lot of money on them.  But, this usually lacks a certain personalization that a lot of other gifts can provide. If you’re going to go for an expensive gift, take into consideration its practicality in this mother’s life.

It is not necessary to purchase an expensive gift to make the mother in your life feel appreciated on May 8. Less expensive gifts with practicality or catered toward your mother’s interests can be just as special if not more. For example, if your mother is an avid photographer, get her something that is related to that interest, such as a camera bag or more SD cards. Neither of which are particularly expensive, and show that you pay attention to her likes and dislikes.

Seniors! Buying your mom merchandise from the college you’re attending is not particularly expensive, and will be greatly practical to her in the future. Unless you’re going to her rival college of course, then maybe skip this idea.

People say time is more valuable than money, and that’s why homemade gifts have such an impact. Making a homemade gift takes more time than your money, and it is usually just as well received if not more well received than a store bought gift. Homemade gifts are better made according to your own strengths. For example, if you’re the next “MasterChef”, consider making your mom a meal or dessert. If you’re a bit of a “Picasso”, consider making your mom a piece of art or craft.

The fourth and final category of Mother’s Day gifts is experiences. These are anything that is not a material gift. For example, paying for a spa day or a manicure or pedicure for your mother is a relaxing and non-material item. Spending quality time with your mother can be the most special gift of all time.

Of course combining these categories is a possibility. Making a nice homemade card along with a gift card to her favorite clothing or food place is a very viable idea. Honestly if you do anything, make a homemade card. It’s essentially costless and a cute keepsake for your mother.

Overall, it is best to evaluate what your mother would want based on the type of gift, and then what she would like within that category. Happy Mother’s Day to our Mav Moms!