Seniors plan future on college commitment day

Abbey Colone, Staff Writer

May 1 is known as college commitment day. It is the last day for Seniors to put down their deposit to secure their spot at the college of their choice. Throughout the country, Seniors will finalize their decision of where they will achieve a secondary level of education and spend the next four years of their life. Commitment day is an exciting day to see what all Seniors plan on achieving in their next four years.

Milford Senior Bailey Pietraszkiewicz plans to attend Michigan State University in the fall. She plans to continue dancing and hopefully rushing at MSU. Pietraszkiewicz said, “I chose MSU because I’ve always wanted to go there I love how big it is and the fun atmosphere.” MSU is a large campus and a popular choice among many Milford students. Pietraszkiewicz said, “ I’m really looking forward to meeting new people and a change of scenery.”

Senior Bailey Pietraszkiewicz holding MSU flag upon commitment (Photo courtesy of Shelly Pietraszkiewicz)


Milford Senior Ian Gibson will be attending Kettering University in the Fall. While at Kettering, he plans on studying Electrical Engineering. Kettering provides students with a three-month rotation between school on campus, and internships with companies around the country. Gibson said, “I am a hands-on learner, so I thought this would be the best option for me to gain experience and skills for the future.” Gibson will graduate from Milford, then shortly after begin working on his internship. Gibson said, “I am actually starting school on July 18 and am looking forward to working with GM for three months before I attend school in October.”

Senior Ian Gibson wearing Kettering University colors
(Photo courtesy of Ian Gibson)


Milford Senior Abbey Werner plans on attending Chapman University. She plans on majoring in Dance and minoring in Business. Chapman University is located in Orange County, California, and is recognized for its strong professional dance training program. Werner said, “I was drawn to this school because it has some of the best professors and teachers for dance that work in the professional industry.” After college Werner plans on pursuing a career as a professional dancer. Studying at Chapman University will allow Werner to bridge the gap between high school and professional dance. Werner said, “I’m looking forward to having a college experience while being able to reach my goals as a dancer at the same time. I am also super excited to be living in LA and starting to work and get my name out in the dance industry!”

Senior Abbey Werner wearing Chapman University gear while in California (Photo courtesy of Abbey Werner)


Milford senior Fletcher Smith will be attending Davidson College in Charlotte, North Carolina. He plans on majoring in Political Science or Economics as well as participating in the school’s swim team. “When I went to visit, everyone was so welcoming, I also liked the internship opportunities that the Charlotte financial sector offers.” Smith has been recognized for his academics and his athletics throughout high school, Davidson will allow him to continue pursuing both. Smith said, “I’m most looking forward to meeting people from a variety of different ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds. Davidson students represent over 46 different countries.”

Senior Fletcher Smith at his Davidson signing at Milford (Photo courtesy of Fletcher Smith)