Milford introduces new Gardening Club for students


Jack Savard

Junior, Ben Harren, excited to be apart of the club!

Brooke Koshkarian, Staff Writer

 Milford offers a variety of clubs for different interests. Whether it’s the JOI club or Cash Club, students have so many ways to get involved with other students in the school. It is stressed, however, that it is never too late to start your own club.

Amelia Conz, a junior at Milford, felt inspired to start her own Gardening Club. “I saw that Lakeland had a gardening club that had a big garden with a lot of supplies and overall support from their school, so I thought why not have one at Milford too!” Conz stated. The Gardening Club gives students an opportunity to come together to plant a garden with various flowers, fruits, and vegetables. They talk about where the best location and best plants to plant in order for the garden to flourish. 

To simply find people interested in the club, she posted on her Snapchat story asking people to message her if they would want to join. After getting several positive responses, Conz started a group chat and planned a day each week for the group to meet. The meetings are held every Tuesday after school in Mrs. Hittle’s room. 

To raise more attention to the club, the few members got together and created fun posters to put throughout the school.  At the meetings, the members discuss how they are going to take the next step forward for the garden and how they are going to gain more support. Katelyn Rambo, a junior in the club, said she enjoys working in a garden at home. “I help my mom weed and water the garden every so often in the summer and we also have a compost bin to enrich the soil and reduce waste,” Rambo recommends the club to others for the learning experience it brings. “It is fun to learn how to grow your own food and it will be beneficial for the future. I’m looking forward to seeing the progress of the garden because it makes the process enjoyable and exciting.”

It isn’t fully decided where the garden will go and how they will maintain it, but plans are in the works. “Right now, we are planning where the garden will be located and what we are going to plant, to start the club off. We are hoping for it to be located in the courtyard next to the Spanish hallway, but it is still to be determined.” Conz states. 

If the garden is placed in a convenient courtyard, other students will be able to see the garden and how all of the plants are doing. The gardening club is always looking for more members so if you are someone who is interested feel free to join the google classroom code in the image above. Spring has sprung and gardening is the perfect activity to start!