HVS leader joins Oakland County’s ‘40 Under 40’

Christen Broughton, A&E Editor

Jordyn Najduk works every day to help keep Huron Valley Schools drug and alcohol-free through her work with the Huron Valley Community Coalition as the program manager here at Mil-ford High school. You might have noticed a room just on the left as you walk into the Media Center, but you never really knew what it was; inside, Najduk works with HVCC Executive Director Randy Root as they help make a difference in our school community.
As someone who has known Najduk for over a year, I never understood what she does here and the accomplishments she has made. Along with being the program manager for the HVCC, Najduk also facilitates all educational programs within Milford High school.
In March, Najduk was recognized as one of Oakland County’s “40 under 40”, which is a tremendous honor. She is also the fifth-youngest in her class, which is even more impressive! ”I’m only 31, so it’s pretty cool to see; the connections that I’m able to make with different leaders in the county are really going to help my career in the long run.” To earn this recognition, there is an extensive application that takes months to review, though Najduk says it was worth it. Root is extremely proud, “She is completely dedicated to the important work of leading teens toward a drug and alcohol-free life. Our community is and will continue to be a better place to live because of Jordyn.”
Just recently, she had helped to make over 800 sensory bags for staff and students all over the district as well as organizing “life skills” classes throughout the middle schools. Next, is a summer “life skills” program where kids will go and attend a week-long summer camp to gain skills in communication, how to avoid drug and alcohol use, and healthy self-image. In addition to these events and projects, the HVCC will be holding a Family Fun Fest in June for all families to come together to get resources to use during the summer months.
Najduk should be proud of all her accomplishments at su

Pictured is Najduk in the HVCC office located in the Media Center where she works every day to provide a drug and alcohol-free school community (Photo by Christen Broughton).
Jordyn Najduk earns the tremendous honor of becoming one of Oakland County’s “40 Under 40” (Photo courtesy of hvs.org).

ch a young age, and she will surely do even more good for the community in the future!