The Season of Spending Money


Dyana Rice, Features Editor

‘Tis the season for gift giving! It is almost that time of year to show your love for friends and family as a token of your appreciation. From small town shops to grand malls, everyone is hustling around to find the perfect gifts. But let’s face it, for most of us, holiday shopping can be stressful. Coming up with gift ideas is the most difficult part about gift shopping. After all, with so much that has happened in the past year, the perfect gift is on everyone’s radar. To help with this Christmas crisis, here are some gift ideas for your loved ones:


Everyone wants new and trendy items. Social media is the starting point of many trends and since people use it daily, why not take advantage and create gifts from it? Some of the current trendy items are skincare refrigerators, long-distance friendship lamps, tote bags, Nike blazers or air forces, puffer jackets, oversized sweaters/t-shirts, and much more. From shower heads to electric candle lighters, these trends are clever gift ideas and can be sources of inspiration. 

Brr…it’s cold outside! Having an oversized jacket or sweatshirt is always handy when the snow falls. For Michiganders, this is definitely a winter necessity. Fuzzy socks are also a must-have for the cold. The last thing you need on a cold winter night is cold feet. Getting a warm, cozy blanket is also an ideal gift for the cold weather. From snuggles at the fire to the late nights with hot chocolate, blankets are a must-have in the winter. Speaking of hot chocolate, hot chocolate bombs are delicious treats that everyone can enjoy and they are a relatively inexpensive way to show your friends you care. There are kits to make your own or ones that are for sale ready-to-go. Who doesn’t love hot chocolate? 


For larger and more expensive gift purchases, the latest electronics make a perfect gift. Wireless earbuds can be a necessity that is great for commuting, traveling, studying, and so much more. This could be the Apple Airpods or any type of wireless headphone. This is good for people who are on the move and can’t deal with the tangles of the ordinary headphones. Other good tech-related gift ideas are laptops, phones, or tablets. These may be on the expensive side, but as technology advances, so do these items. Technology can make life so much easier. Today, many robots are now being used for housekeeping tasks. Robot-vacuums are another good gift for someone who cannot keep up with the mess. 


People love unique items, especially homemade ones. Making homemade items gives the gifts extra love. You can really show how much a person means to you with a little creativity. Decorate a homemade picture frame and fill it with the picture of yourself and the person who is receiving the frame. Homemade jams, soups, pies, and other items can always bring a smile to a person’s face. If you’re not feeling so creative, classic gifts are a great way to show your love without much preparation. Gift cards to their favorite places, Christmas-scented candles, or getting their favorite candy/treat and putting them in a Christmas mug or bowl is an easy gift. Don’t be that person who only gets a card!


Christmas is a time to play “Santa” and make someone’s holiday special. As days pass, the holidays draw near. Starting to shop early is a good way to be stress-free during this time of year. The rush of shopping exerts pressure on people and they end up impulsively buying whatever they see. You don’t want that to be you, so, start filling up your sleigh with the must-have Christmas gifts before it’s too late!