Finding Common Ground

Milford’s School Store is back!


Photo by Dyana Rice

Bailey Pietraszkiewicz and Abbey Colone in the new Coffee Shop!

Dyana Rice, Staff Writer

While walking through Milford High School’s hallway by the Commons, the aroma of coffee fills the air. You follow the smell to a room with lights, couches, merchandise, and, of course, the source of that enchanting smell.

Friendly faces welcome you as the delicious scent lingers. Wandering over to the next room, you find yourself in Milford’s very own school store: The Stable. It has re-opened this year with the addition of a new and improved coffee shop. From the beverages to Milford apparel, students can find just about anything they need.

The Stable is led by David Gilbert, Leadership and School Store Teacher, and MHS students. These stores provide them with a great learning experience as they learn about money, sales, and how to run a business. The School Store has existed at Milford for decades, but this year, things have significantly changed in both the operations and store’s design.

Students are excited about this year’s store and the improvements that were made. Last year due to COVID precautions, the school store wasn’t able to open, but it was able to run online. There is still a website up and running, and now the school store can take online or in-person orders. With that, there are new setups including cozy lights, couches, and flavors of coffee such as hazelnut, regular, French vanilla, and caramel swirl. “The coffee shop is an actual coffee shop now, it’s not just a Senior hangout anymore,” said Ethan Groh, a senior who works in the coffee shop and with advertising.

“It’s more fun and everyone is involved,” he continued. As more students come into the store and coffee shop, they get to interact and meet new people.

While enjoying some delicious freshly brewed coffee with their friends, they can also purchase some spirit wear that includes class color shirts, Milford apparel, and special spirit week items.

These stores give students opportunities to hang out and enjoy themselves with comfort.

“It’s a really fun environment for kids to come and hang out during lunch,” said Maggie Brazier, a Senior and the Common Grounds manager. Brazier is thrilled to have the coffee shop back after missing out last year. Many underclassmen are intimidated by the upperclassmen, especially in secluded places like the Stable and Common Grounds.

This year, the students who are part of the store and coffee shop focused on the structure and involvement of the two businesses. “Since it’s a Junior and Senior class, kids are more afraid to come inside and see what’s going on,” Brazier says. With the many improvements, the store is a warmer place for students. “We made it a more welcoming place to show that we’re not as scary as we may seem.”

The Stable and Common Grounds aren’t just places to get your Milford gear and food. They also get students involved and spread school spirit. “Our focus is to get as much spirit out as possible,” Gilbert says.

Before he took over as the teacher, the store was just an ordinary store. “It has evolved into more than just a store,” he continues.

“Any student can get anything they need, whether it would be for Football Friday or Spirit Day wear.”

With more games at the lunches and overall involvement, the school store has made its way to the students’ hearts and has revealed the true meaning of what being a Maverick is all about.

Milford High School’s Stable and Common Grounds are prime locations for relaxation, food, apparel, and so much more. The comfortable environment won’t disappoint anyone. So, come and enjoy a cup of joe with your friends during lunch.