Where are seniors going next year?


Map of where MHS Class of 2021 is planning to go based on survey results from March 2021 (Graphic by Maddie Melody).

Maddie Melody, Assistant Editor

As the seniors approach the bittersweet end to high school and prepare to move on to the next chapters of their lives, it is really important to honor their accomplishments, as well as their plans. The Class of 2021 has faced incredible hardships and showed incomparable strength to persevere through their last year. Students kept their focus drawn in, with some planning to continue on with their education. Where will they be next year?


Michigan State University

Without a doubt, MSU in Lansing, Michigan takes the crown for the most popular college of the senior class. With a total undergraduate enrollment of 39,000, the public, co-ed university sure is an attractive option. MSU has a “far away” feel despite only having to spend an hour in the car to get there.

Milford High School students including Joe Bjorkman, Allison Swerc and Riley Watts, along with many others, will be calling themselves Spartans next fall.

“The pandemic has changed so much for me with colleges, I just want to be close to home,” said Senior Audrey Allen, who is also planning to attend State for the next school year. Senior Sammy Knapp also added that she loves the atmosphere at MSU.

Michigan State is an incredible school and they are very lucky to be receiving a great slew of Milford graduates! Good luck next year, and go green!

Grand Valley State University

Next, we have Grand Valley State University! Located in Allendale, Michigan, the campus is about 12 miles away from the city of Grand Rapids. GVSU has about 20,000 undergraduate students and 168 available degrees.

A few Milford High School graduates like Brianna Hipple, Ethan Ostin and Emma Dittrick are all looking to call Allendale “home” next year!

“It’s a really good area in the state,” said Senior Alexa Cheaney, who also has GVSU in her plans for the fall.

“The school had everything I was looking for, which made it a really easy choice,” said Ostin.

Hipple also explained that Grand Valley has a great physical therapy program, which is what guided her to choose that school for the next four.

Overall, Grand Valley State University seems to be a pretty popular choice here at Milford, and there are obvious reasons as to why. Good luck next year, Lakers! You all will do great things!


DePaul University

Continuing on with the nation’s largest Catholic university, DePaul is located in “the heart of Chicago” and has a total of 14,000 undergraduate students. It gives the school the perfect opportunity to give students a personalized education in an urban area.

Milford does have a few students planning to relocate to the Prairie State next fall, two of which are Sadie Guffy and Riley Coesens.

“It is the best for my career path and future,” said Guffy. Coesens is looking forward to the unique opportunities that are in her future at DePaul. Both explained how excited they are to pursue and their further educations in the city.

Milford is wishing you good luck this fall in Chicago, Sadie and Riley!



University of Michigan

Last but not least, we have the good ol’ blue and gold! The University of Michigan has multiple campuses that MHS students are planning to attend, but the main campus is found in Ann Arbor, Michigan. U of M offers 280 degrees and welcomes about 31,000 undergraduates to its primary campus.

One of those 31,000 next year will be Ansley Kopp. “It’s an amazing school and I love the area,” said Kopp.

Another MHS student you may find on Michigan’s campus is Jaclyn Carrannanto. Carrannanto is planning to attend U of M for its research program, and also to carry on a family tradition.

All in all, the University of Michigan is another very lucky school to receive some of Milford’s few of many extremely accomplished students. Good luck next year! Go blue!


Map of where MHS Class of 2021 is planning to go based on survey results from March 2021 (Graphic by Maddie Melody).