The Stable Opens New Online Store


The homescreen for The Stable’s online store

Nick McDonald, Staff Writer

The Milford School Store, now renamed as The Stable, added an online website to purchase Milford gear from this year,

Students, staff and parents can access the store easily to view all the great merchandise the store has to offer. The site is easy to navigate,so customers can find each section of the store, as well as some general information about the store and access to its Instagram. If students  are still having trouble, there is an  informational video displaying how to maneuver around the website to make an order.

Once an order is confirmed,, a receipt will be sent to the store employees and then they can find what you purchased, bag it and deliver it to students sometime during lunch or customers can pick it up.

The idea of an online school store has been floating around for awhile, but it was not executed until this year. Managers Tommy Damon, Carson Zygner, Peyton Cullen, and Frankie Vulaj worked with the School Store teacher Mr. Gilbert to make this idea happen. It took about two weeks to make, but is an ongoing process of uploading new gear, adding new content, and managing the site.

The move to go online was a must according to Mr. Gilbert, as “online is where everything is going.” Although the online store is great and allows for a much easier way to shop from anywhere, there are some downsides. From online, customers obviously don’t get the in-person feel of the store, where they can try things on, interact with other people, and enjoyThe Stable’s environment.

In the COVID days, the managers, along with their employees, have worked hard to make sure the store keeps going. This year’s staff is adding its own touch to the store with the layout being flipped from what it was last year and keeping Milford pride going. The store always has music playing and a great energy and environment for all students to enjoy.

When asked about the best part of The Stable, Damon said “being able to teach all the new employees about how to run the store and adding my special touch.”

Employee Ethan Young said his favorite thing about the store is, “being able to come in everyday and interact with my friends, other students, and being able to make the store great.”

Though COVID safety protocols have changed a lot about the school environment this year, students are still happy to enter the school store. 

“The relaxing vibe of the school store and the wonderful employees make it a great place to come to,” said Senior Joe Bjorkman. 

If you are interested in being a member of the school store, talk to Leadership and School Store teacher Mr. Gilbert. He is approachable, easy-to-talk-to, and is also the Varsity Basketball coach. This class will teach students the behind-the-scenes of managing and working for a store. Students will learn how to advertise, create shirts and other merchandise, and the overall process of running a business.. Gilbert is looking for creative students who are, “Motivated, self-directed, and collaborative.” This class is a great opportunity for all students to learn about what they might want to do in their future.

Visit The Stable during all lunch hours and the online store to purchase all your favorite Maverick gear!