Analyzing the benefits, drawbacks of fake or real Christmas trees


Ashley Riggs, Group Leader

Everyone’s Christmas tree has something unique about it; whether it’s the type of ornaments, garlands, height, or color. The family traditions and preferences play a big role in what a Christmas tree will look like. Some people color coordinate ornaments, while others use more handmade. People with a real Christmas tree will have a completely different experience than someone that chooses to have an artificial tree.

    Some may say people who get real Christmas trees are experiencing a more festive holiday experience because they get to have an exciting day where they go to a Christmas tree farm and pick out their special tree. For some people, it’s a tradition to go out and cut down a Christmas tree to bring home. Being able to pick out a different tree every year adds a new adventure, making every Christmas different. 

Senior Molli Langolf said her family always buys a real Christmas tree because, “My parents think it’s more Christmasy and we always have a lot of fun picking out the tree we want each year.” This ability to switch up the Christmas tree each year can be as different as getting a darker tree, or bringing home a short, wide tree versus one that is tall and skinnier. 

“My family likes the experience of getting [a real Christmas tree],it makes the house smell like Christmas!” said Senior Helena Wilson. Other than the experience of getting a real Christmas tree, an extremely festive scent during the holidays is pine. What other way would one do to create that  authentic Christmas tree smell? Candles and scented sprays can work, but because that is not the real deal, getting a real Christmas tree is the way to go. Altogether, a real Christmas tree can hold a lot of meaning to a family’s Christmas, and having a tradition of getting a real Christmas tree can make the holidays even more special. 

On the other hand, people who buy artificial Christmas trees may have a lot to argue about why going artificial is better. The main issue about real Christmas trees is the mess and maintenance that is required. First off, the pine needles are constantly falling off the tree and need to be cleaned up regularly, whereas with an artificial tree, the area usually just needs to be vacuumed the day it was set up and taken down. Also, real Christmas trees need to be in a bucket of water to keep them from drying out. The website, Popular Mechanics, says that a four-inch diameter trunk will absorb around a gallon of water daily, which means the bucket needs to be refilled many times.

“My family uses a fake Christmas tree,” Senior Sam McGrain said. “We’ve used the same fake tree since my parents got married; fake ones are way easier for my family because we all have such busy schedules and it’s quicker to decorate and it’s just way easier because we don’t have to worry about the tree dying.” This usually is the main reason families buy fake Christmas trees, because who wants the extra stress of having to maintain a Christmas tree daily?

The holidays can already be hectic, why add another stressor? Other than maintenance, real Christmas trees may trigger allergies. That’s one of the reasons Senior Bella Reynolds’ family uses artificial Christmas trees. “My brothers are allergic to pine, and my mom says real Christmas trees make too much of a mess,” she said. According to  “It’s unlikely that you are allergic to the tree itself, but the fragrance may be irritating. Some trees may also be home to microscopic mold spores that trigger asthma or allergies, causing symptoms like sneezing or an itchy nose.” That is not something people want to deal with during the holidays. In the end, artificial Christmas trees can be cheaper in the long run because they can last for more than 10 years, and can make Christmas time simple, and easy.

The debates can go back and forth about if someone should buy a fake or real Christmas tree, but in the end, everyone has a tree that fits with his or her family traditions. Each and every type of Christmas tree brings a festive, heartwarming feeling to the holidays. And, who doesn’t like seeing a pretty Christmas tree everyday when they wake up? It makes the holidays feel a lot more jolly and cheerful!