Milford High schools Flag Crew continues even with the covid being an obstacle


Sydney Pattinson, Staff Writer

Milford High School has so many traditions that have been around for years. One tradition no one will forget is the Flag Crew. The Milford High School flag crew started more than a decade ago and it has remained a fun part of each graduating class. This year, the flag crew members had been hit with many obstacles, which led us seniors to doubt the flag crew would take place this year. The Crew includesTommy Damon, Carson Zygner, Sydney Pattinson, Sam Mcgrain, Molli Langolf, Jaclyn Carrananto, Ben Morgridge, Nick McDonald, Dom Leto, Ashley Riggs, Isabel Ryska, Brookelyn Zamaria andSammy Knapp.

Every year in the fall sports season the graduating class runs the show. This year, the class of 2021 had a rough start. Tommy Damon, senior and also known as the MavPack leader, was told that the football season was moving to the spring time due to COVID. Due to that news, Damon was expecting more time to plan for the flag crew. Damon had been optimistic and always helped run the flag crew in the past, even though he had other roles to play in his life. “We tried our best,” Damon said humorously. After all, how else can you look at what has been a tough start to the senior year.  The Milford High School flag crew had so many ups and downs but he was the one that always stayed positive and said no matter what happens.

This year, so many things have been so mixed up due to COVID. First of all, in the very beginning there weren’t enough flag crew drivers. Jaclyn Carannanto, a senior, had stepped up as one of the alternative drivers. She  had taken a role into being one of the leaders, later in the season. “I was super happy to be a part of the flag crew this year because even if we couldn’t attend football games we still had some pride for Friday nights,” Carannanto said Carannanto is a part of the Milford high school Leadership program and had a huge impact on the crew this year with her school spirit. Overall the class of 2021 seniors made Flag Crew work the best they could, trying to make memorable memories during their final year of High School.