Class of 2021 takes canoe trip to start the year

Sam McGrain, Staff Writer

Clearly things are different this year, compared to the past years due to COVID-19, so some parents have been getting together to make the 2021 seniors year fun! Senior year is a special year, and everyone wants to make the most out of it due to these difficult circumstances. 

The canoe trip was the first event hosted by the senior parents, it was Sunday August 30th. The day started with Holdens breakfast pizza and doughnuts at Bakers at 7:00am. After eating  the seniors carpooled to the Village Canoe rental service on the Huron River and canoeed and or kayaked to Central Park for a quick senior picture. The seniors took a picture then were allowed to hangout in the park  for some time, then they would eventually come back to the starting location. Seniors used the Village Canoe rental service that morning, where they had the opportunity to either bring their own kayak, rent a single person kayak, or a 2-3 person canoe. Not all things went as planned for the seniors,especially for Carson Zygner and his friends when his canoe flipped, Zygner said,  “even though I broke my phone, Will Sjogren lost his phone in the bottom of the river,we were covered in mud when we flipped the canoe, it was one of the highlights of my summer.” But that wasn’t the only canoe that flipped on this trip, Sydney Pattinson and her friends tipped as well, “I did not enjoy this trip one bit. It was very frightening now let me tell you why. For one, I do not like fish and two nobody knew how to canoe. So the moral of the story is me, Sam McGrain, and Renna Abbo all fell in.”

Although most people didn’t really like canoeing especially if it’s with their whole class it was a blast and so many seniors have said they would gladly do this canoeing trip again in the future! Senior Ashley Riggs said, “I’m usually not into canoeing, but doing it with my friends was fun and it was definitely a memorable moment I will keep with me forever”