What to do during a Staycation

Jule Hattig, Photo Manager


Spring break is coming faster than one may think; everyone is happy that there is no school and one is able to sleep in. But after a while, especially when friends leave for vacation, the break can feel longer than a week.

However, it is a time where one can try many new things and do things that normally don’t fit in a daily schedule. Many of these things can easily be done at home and often don’t even cost money. 
Movie marathon: You can connect with friends and have a sleepover with a series/movie marathon.

Try a new recipe.: Invite your friends and family and cook something for them.

Take pictures:  Have a photo shoot  alone or with friends.

Make a photo album: We all take so many pictures, but after a time we forget them; go through your phone and find your favorite memories and make a book with all of them together.  

Go on a bike ride: Take your bike, maybe a friend, and make a tour. The Kensington Park, for example, is a beautiful place to go.

Catch up on sleep: During school, you often don’t have enough time to sleep.

Write a letter to your grandparents; Writing letters is uncommon in our generation, but our grandparents love to receive a letter, and even your parents and friends might too.

Write a letter to your future self: There are several websites where you can write an email or a letter to your future self and in a few years the program will send you your letter.

Draw something: Be creative and draw a picture for your room or try Bob Ross paintings.

Read a book or write something: Reading sounds boring, but if you find the right book, I guaranty that you won’t stop reading.

Exercise or go for a run: Summer is coming, so try to get in shape again and try a new sport.

Go thrift shopping or to a mall: It is getting warm again and you can wear summer outfits again—maybe you will find your new favorite summer shirt.

Make life goals/colleges: Inform yourself about possible career choices.

Over break, it is best to find interesting, engaging, and unique new things to try, even if they seem to be boring or too different. Often, one grows as a person if  different things are attempted, but never forget that vacations also exist in order to have fun, relax