The Most Confusing Holiday

Steven Grigereit, Managing editor

A tradition since the 17th century, yet people all around the world still have to figure it out… february 14th, Valentines day, the most confusing holiday of the year.

Some out there may be asking why it is confusing and if so, congratulations you are in a relationship. Welcome to adulthood.

For all of you not in a relationship, do not fear or worry. You are no different than the 45% of other Americans who were single on Valentines day last year.

A large portion of Americans spend Valentine’s Day single. according to one Milford teacher, Bill James, also a married man, he says that might be the best way to spend it. His best advice about relationships in high school: “Don’t get into one.” 

While some would advise against having a relationship, others embrace Valentine’s day and have some solid advice for having a happy significant other. Dustin Cummins, a junior, is currently in a relationship and has been for “a bit” now. His advice was worth listening to. “Do what she says; it makes it easy.” Cummins said after being asked what the key to Valentine’s Day and his relationship is. 

A veteran on Valentine’s Day, Vice Principal Eric Dziobak said the key to his success was “not forgetting” and would counsel others the same way.

While step one should always be remembering Feb. 14th,  step two is to shower the significant other in gifts.

According to` qa1s, Americans are expected to spend over $19.6 billion on Valentine’s Day gifts, over $4.5 billion on jewelry, $1.8 billion on candy, $2 billion on flowers, and there are  expected to be more than $190 million greeting cards purchased.

“Flowers are cheap, somewhat inexpensive, and the girl likes them,” Said Senior Abbie Kozel.  Freshman Audrey Verkeke agreed and said that her favorite gift was also “Flowers.” On the other side, Freshman Max Cremeans said that his favorite thing on valentine’s was “seeing the pearly whites”.

Not everyone needs to be showered in gifts from a significant other. 

“The unconditional love from the boys is all I need,” said Senior Jake Miller

Even though a large portion of Valentine’s Day is to give to the ones you love don’t forget what it is truly about. Like any major holiday, it is about spending time with your family and loved ones and simply enjoying spending time with them.  So for all of you single people out there on Valentines day, do not worry, you are not alone. Take a step back and enjoy your time with yourself. And for all of those who are signed up for Valentines day… Make it worthwhile.