Milford hosts the sixth annual Teddy Bear Toss


Natalie Preston

Both Milford and Walled Lake Central before the game with toys the teams will be donating

Natalie Preston, Asst. Managing Editor

The teddy bear toss is a tradition at MHS that the varsity girls basketball team looks forward to annually. 202 stuffed animals raining down onto the court brings so much joy to the team, crowd, and children receiving the toys. This year, the Milford Varsity Girls basketball team held the sixth annual teddy bear toss on December 19, 2019 during the game against the Walled Lake Central Vikings. All who attended the game, including the players, were asked to bring at least one unused stuffed animal to donate to C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital. The way in which the animals are collected is what makes this fundraiser unique; after the first basket is scored, a buzzer goes off and the crowd goes wild. Every year the teams competitor changes, giving other teams an opportunity to participate as well.  All the animals are thrown onto the court and then collected by varsity and junior varsity team members. The game then continues on while the JV team counts all the stuffed animals that were collected. This year, the first basket was scored by Junior Josie Caldwell. From the previous years combined, the teams have donated over 1,000 stuffed animals. This year, 202 additional kids will receive a stuffed animal from the Milford event. This provides a sense of pride for the community, as the members see these toys helping patients feel better during recovery. The teddy bear toss is so much more to the team and community than just a time to donate to those in need. “The teddy bear toss is a time when two competitors come together for a greater cause. It is our way to give back to those in need and donate bears to kids in need,” said Caldwell. The team goes to the hospital to drop off the animals together as a bonding experience during the summer. “One time, they took us underneath the hospital and gave us a mini tour. They explained all the cool things they do for the kids,” said Coach David Browne. “They have video game rooms where the kids can go play their favorite games, board game areas and fairs. This helps to raise the children’s spirits while in the hospital.” All hospital stays aren’t always fun, especially as a kid, but Mott Children’s Hospital tries really hard to incorporate fun activities. Some of these activities include Paws4Patients, an animal therapy program that provides two dogs for the patients to receive love and support from, and designated activity centers/family centers for kids and their families to go to just to hangout. These centers can be found throughout the hospital and they are filled with family oriented activities and independent development activities. This can be seen in our own hallways in Milford through Principal Kevin Mckenna’s personal connection to Mott Children’s Hospital. “I have a special connection to Mott’s Children since my son spent 78 days there when he was born. I know all the cool and unique things they do for the kids.”