‘The Marquette’ brings a new development to Milford

Annabel Williamson, Editor in Chief

by Annabel Williamson

Editor in Chief


There is a big change happening in Milford, and it’s in the form of a new of a 100-unit development called, “The Marquette,” which is being built on the corner where East Huron Street meets the train tracks that run through Milford, placed right in the heart of downtown Milford.

The four-story development is set to be completed by the end of 2019. Anne Barnette, executive director of the Milford Downtown Development Authority states the development is mostly made for, “baby boomers seeking a smaller place to live while staying in Milford” and “young professionals working at the GM Proving Grounds looking for a transitional home.”

The  $27.1 million development offers 100 luxury apartments, including amenities such as a fitness center and game room. It is being built by Devmar Development.

The idea of The Marquette is to  expand the availability of residency in Milford, making the possibility of living in Milford a reality for a larger demographic while keeping the small town charm of Milford.

“As a majority of residents in the Marquette will be boomers formerly living in a house in Milford, the ambience will not change drastically, the small town feel will not go away,” Barnette states.

“The new development opens up living options” says Barnette. The introduction to different lifestyles allows Milford to grow as a community in order to adapt to the new demographic in a small town setting.

Downtown Milford is full of small businesses as well as popular chains, creating the perfect blend of unique and familiar.

“The new development is definitely positive, as more people leads to increased revenue for businesses and restaurants,” says Traci Goodnough, owner of For Feet’s Sake.

“The only negative” Goodnough states, “is increased traffic and less parking.” Another small business owner, Natalia Wohletz, owner of Main Street Art says “I can only see it to be positive” as she spoke of the effect the Marquette will have on her business.

“I’m excited for all the new people to come in.” Wohletz states.

The Marquette is going to change Milford, but in the eyes of the downtown businesses, The Marquette is a great addition meant only to improve Milford.

The Marquette viewed from The Village party store parking lot (Photo by Annabel Williamson)