Students discuss their most unusual gifts.

Eleanor Zywicki, Managing Editor

Have you ever received a gift that’s so unique and outstanding that when you tell others about it their faces twist into amusement?

Sure, you can take a deck of cards and continue to put it into multiple boxes too big for its size. Or maybe you decide to give a gag gift to your mother even though her real gift is hidden upstairs. Being a part of the internet generation, we’ve seen all of these things before.

So what are the truly unique gifts out there?

Talking to many Milford High School students I think I’ve found some answers. Catharine Dittrick, a senior here, says that one year she got, “a jar of pickles, and that’s the tea.”

I tried to ask further into the story of how she received this jar of pickles, but I was left empty handed and quite intrigued.

Veering away from the topic of food related gifts avid Michigan State fan Michael Stevenson, also a senior, received, “Michigan State socks and underwear,” for Christmas one year.

On his slip he wrote a side note saying that his family jokes that he should have Michigan State everything.

Have you ever received a box that you think has a phone in it but then it turns out that your parents are just reusing an old box? This happened to Dawson Terwillegar, a senior, one Christmas when he received, “a loaf of bread.”

Crazy right? But there’s a story to be told behind it. Dawson says that, “the reason why is that it wasn’t a normal loaf of bread. They (his family) cut it in half and hollowed out the middle. They then gave it to me in an old Xbox box.”

Imagine thinking you’re getting a new Xbox and it turns out that inside is just a hollowed out loaf of bread. I asked Dawson if he ever ended up receiving the Xbox and to his disappointment he said no.

I don’t think that you could possibly get more unique at gift giving than what I’m about to share with you now.

When asked what the most unique gift he ever received was freshman Zack Bonza-Brodie replied “ I once got a giant 2 by 2 by 2 cube of ice with a $10 gift card to Jimmy Johns in the middle of it”.

I asked Zack if he just ended up waiting for the ice to melt, but he said that instead of waiting he went up to the highest window in his house and then continued to drop the cube of ice out the window to receive his gift.

Do you have a story of a gift that you received that is more unique than these?

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An example of presents frozen in ice.
A marvelous jar of pickles
Beauty Foodie
Some delicious hollowed out bread, lets go get this bread.