Mrs. Suminski becomes new Dean of Students


Mrs. Suminski, hardly working or working hardly?

Mike Smith, Managing Editor

With any new job opening at Milford High School, students and staff want to get to know the new member of the Milford family.

But with the vacancy of the Dean of Students, a familiar face has stepped into the position. Elizabeth Suminski, who has been teaching for 13 years and has spent the past nine at Milford High School, has stepped up to take the vacant spot after Shawn Durso left for a Lake Orion administrator position at the end of the last school year. What should Milford students know about their new Dean of Students?

“She’s not boring at all,” said Senior Jack Sherman, “She’s very good with kids and very understanding of their problems.” Sherman, who is currently in Mrs. Suminski’s Child Development class, has high praise for his teacher. Her ability to understand her students and their problems comes from her previous studying of child development and the Child Development classes, which she teaches while serving as the Dean.

Suminski said she wants to help students communicate with the administration and staff.

“I hope to bring an ease of communication between administration and students if they need an ear to bounce off of before approaching administration,” Suminski stated. “I hope to bring a fresh perspective to the position, because I work with students.”

For anyone hoping to wear hats, you must wait for a long time from now.

“The policy is the same as it was last year, NO HATS!” The capitalization and exclamation point was Suminski’s idea.

Just because Suminski doesn’t want students to wear hats, doesn’t mean she isn’t dedicated and understanding of Milford and its students. One of the main reasons Suminski got the job was her dedication to the school, and her ability to relate with the students. Many students agree with this statement, such as junior Grace Sysko.

¨She’s very dedicated to students and very nice to them as well,¨ said Sysko who is in Suminski’s Child Development class.

Giving up being just a teacher is  bittersweet for Suminski.

“I already miss being just a teacher; I love it so far but I already miss Health class,” she said, “I miss the creative outlet I had with Interior Design and watching students flourish in class, watching freshmen grow. It will be different watching them grow from an administrative spot.”

The other staff members are supporting Suminski with her transition to Dean of Students, such as Spanish teacher Carrie Pishek, who is across the hall from Suminski and often spends passing time talking to her.

Pishek had many things to say about Suminski.

“She’s such a positive person and a positive force,” said Pishek, “From my understanding of the job, it has to do everything with building relationships with students, and she is phenomenal building relationships with students,” Said Pishek.

Suminski’s efforts and hard work has been  recognized in the school, last week Suminski won Teacher of the Month at Milford for September.

The award, like its name sake goes to one teacher recognized by the school as one of the hardest working people in Milford.

“She truly wants the best for everyone, which is why she was our first thought for Teacher of the Month.” Said junior Sara Simonich  at the event which announced Suminski as the winner of the award.

Suminski felt honored to earn the award.

“It makes me feel spectacular,” she said “it’s nice to be recognized for working hard at something you love.”

Just because Suminski doesn’t understand the need for hats doesn’t mean Suminski won’t do a great job as Dean of students.

Suminski is a dedicated teacher and a compassionate leader. Milford is very lucky to have her, and will make Milford High School proud as our new Dean of Students.