It’s the thought that counts

Its the thought that counts

Ashley Morin, Staff Writer

As the snow falls and the days grow colder, it’s that time of the year again folks; the time of long receipts from Target, Meijer and Walmart. The major holidays with all the merry, family fun and arguing politics at the dinner table, comes purchasing gifts for family and friends. That also means your wallet is empty and the gifts given aren’t as special. Is this fate inevitable or can shoppers do something that saves time and money?

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Shoppers you can completely bypass the expensive process and do something meaningful or cheap for family and friends. According to the Holiday Headquarters, “Consumers say they will spend an average $967.13.” This number mainly comes from adults who spend for their children and closely related family members, this is still a great deal of money all at once. One can do something more meaningful and less costly while still making the holidays fun and show friends and family how much they mean.

First, consider homemade gifts above all else. Making something from the heart whether you’re a crafty person or not is always the way to go so that one can show thoughtfulness and sincerity. Every year for Christmas, Lisa Miller bakes her own No-Bake-cookie recipe every year and gives them to members of her family. This gift is inexpensive as one can make dozens of cookies at a time and have them ready after only a few hours. If one isn’t a peanut butter lover, there’s always more to offer in the realm of inexpensive sweets. Junior, Dayna Rupert and her family often make fudge and give it as gifts, even sometimes a holiday chex-mix. Treats as gifts can always be a less costly and delicious way to sweeten-up the holidays and give back to friends and family.

For those that aren’t the next up-in-coming baker, what else can be done to avoid all the added stress and expensive holiday shopping? A simple gift card could be the answer. Senior, Gabby Ritchie constructed a massive card and wrote a vast, heartfelt letter that spanned over two pages for her friend’s birthday. These cards are only at the cost of paper, markers or pens, and time needed to fully express oneself.

Holiday gifts should hold a piece of one’s heart in them when they’re given out, for former Milford High School student, Adrienne Ruder, this rings true. Over the years Ruder has compiled and collected every movie ticket from every film her and her boyfriend Evan saw in the past three years of their relationship. In collecting all of these tickets she plans to make a collage with all of them as a gift for Christmas. This kind of gift takes more effort and planning, however the sentiment and time that it took going in is especially significant and incredibly thoughtful.

The sweet, delicious no-bake cookies are a perfect, nice surprise for anyone around Christmas time

This holiday season, avoid plowing through shoppers on Black Friday, spend the time to make something special for the friends and family in one’s life. The price tag doesn’t matter to those who really care for you as the days grow colder, it’s the thought that counts.