Helping The Homeless

Kaley Plaxton, Managing Editor

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Leadership students pose together before joining Corktown Blessings to volunteer last month. Left to Right: Ryan Kolb, Olivia Huszti, Rachel Thompson, Olivia Mouradian, Grace Shaver, Kira Lulko, Maddie Appleton, and Cameron Ulrey.

Milford High School Leadership students started a clothing and food drive at school on the 23rd of October. Boxes were placed in the Commons with posters drawing attention to them. The drive collected non-perishable food items and warm clothing to help those in need this winter. The food was given directly to the surrounding Huron Valley Community. The clean, new or gently used clothing for all genders and sizes was later sent to Detroit with a group of students in connection with the Corktown Blessings Organization.

By the 15th of November approximately 900 items of clothing and food were collected. This included two car-loads of garbage bags full of miscellaneous clothes generously delivered by Senior Ryan Kolb’s mom. The most common clothing items donated by MHS were coats, hats, underwear, and shirts. Dave Gilbert, the MHS Leadership teacher instructed his two classes to spend the next two days organizing the clothes by gender, type of clothing, and size.

On the 18th of November, eight students from the MHS Leadership class traveled to Detroit where they volunteered at Corktown Blessings, “a non-profit organization made up of family and friends that share their time, talent and resources to assist those in need of food and clothing in the greater Detroit area,” according to the Corktown Blessings Volunteer Committee.

That Saturday the students worked alongside members of the organization to host their annual Thanksgiving dinner, where 18 to 20 turkeys are donated. A few of the MHS students devoted their time serving breakfast at 7:30 AM and Dinner at 12:00 Noon. Senior Rachel Thompson was a part of this group, and was passionate to be a part of the experience because she felt that it showed the students the value of empathy. “We have to see what it’s like to have nothing in order to figure out how to help,” she said. “The most impactful part for me was when a man asked me to get him a carry out box for his food because when I️ came back with it he thanked me, shook my hand, gave it a kiss and told me he’d remember my name for the rest of his life. It showed me that the smallest things can really mean a lot to the people who have the least.”

They mostly helped middle -aged men but a few younger women and families came in as well. Thompson also described that “some people that came through, despite how much they needed something, said ‘someone probably needs this more than me’, and left the item behind.” Many of the homeless were selfless despite their personal conflicts, and this inspired the MHS volunteers.

Another student that felt touched by the eye-opening endeavor was senior Grace Shaver, who helped serve the pumpkin pie and stacked bags of clothing from the donations.

“Before going on this Detroit trip, I never really realized how many people in such a close proximity to Milford need help,” said Shaver with admiration. She explained that she’d always seen pictures of people helping out during the holiday season but helping at Corktown Blessings made her realize that people need help everyday, and that nobody should limit their service to the holiday season solely to gain credit for being a good Samaritan. “As I sat amongst those people I didn’t think about their dingy clothes or the things they didn’t have,” Shaver reflected. “I thought of their stories. And the overwhelming thing I took away is the fact that all they wanted for our group of young kids was for us to not end up like them.”

That Saturday in November, eight MHS students left Detroit feeling tired from a long day of service, but feeling blessed to have a home to return to where they could rest.

If you are interested in lending a hand in helping the homeless people of Detroit, you can visit “Helping the Homeless in Corktown” on where an account has been set up by Kathy McFarland, a member of the Corktown Blessings Volunteer Committee, to raise funds in order to install a showering facility in one of the homeless shelters in Detroit.

Volunteers distribute dessert to the homeless after serving them dinner.

Senior Grace Shaver and junior Olivia Mouradian organize the clothing to simplify future distributions.










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Helping The Homeless