An Early Start to College

Some students are using ACE program to earn an Associate's in by their freshman year of college

Thomson Meredith, Staff Writer

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The Ace program (accelerated college experience) allows upperclassmen in high school to start their college education early. This program is designed for those who are at risk of not enrolling in post high school education. They are working towards getting their high school diploma and college degree at the same time. In this program, there is no cost for tuition, fees, or books. To be eligible for this program you must go to high school in Oakland County, be a first generation college student and demonstrate financial needs.

Students must apply during the 10th grade and commit to a three-year deal and go to Oakland Community College (OCC) as a full-time student. Those in this program go to their regular classes at their high school for the beginning of the day (number of hours depends on the grade one is in) and then complete their day at OCC. After the three-year program, one will earn his or her associate degree.

Alfredo Burbano, a junior at Milford High school is a member of the Ace program. He starts his day at Milford. Since he is a junior, he goes to his first three hours and then goes to OCC.

“You need to be on top of your schedule;it’s all about time management,” he said.

Juniors will have 14 credit hours and go to three high school classes; Seniors will have 20 credit hours and two high school classes, and after graduating high school, students will have 28 credit hours and be full-time college students. Burbano enjoys the program but wants to inform anyone thinking about joining that it’s a big commitment and not something to take lightly.

“Know what you want to gain from the program and be ready to work hard,” said Burbano. Anyone who might be interested in pursuing the program or has any other questions our counselors here at Milford are always open to talk with students down in the counseling office.

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An Early Start to College