New Math Teacher Introduced to Milford High

Sydney Rice, Managing Editor

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As the school year starts, Milford High School has introduced several new teachers to the staff, including several who transferred from Lakeland. In this exchange, Milford gained a new mathematics teacher, David Rubarth.

Rubarth had previously taught at Lakeland High School for nine years, beginning in 2008. Staying in Huron Valley, Rubarth has since then gained two back-to-back World Championships for the HOT Robotics team in 2009 and 2010. Also at Lakeland, Rubarth attended Communications Camp, which is a program that was reintroduced to both Milford and Lakeland last year.

Even though Milford and Lakeland are similar due to being Huron Valley Schools and having a similar student make-up, Rubarth is still getting used to minor procedural changes and his new co-workers. As far as the students go, he only has good things to say.

“The kids have been really nice here – polite too,” Rubarth stated. Rubarth also mentioned how Milford is a more complex building, especially his area of the quads.

On the flipside, students also have good things to say about their new teacher.

“He is a pretty fair teacher and seems like he understands his students,” said Statistics and Probability student Mike Younger.

Rubarth, who grew up in Livonia and now lives in Detroit, is teaching Geometry and Statistics and Probability, which he enjoys. “Stats is a very underrated class,” Rubarth admitted. “It’s always helpful for any profession and develops useful life skills.”

Rubarth also taught these two classes at Lakeland. Between his two classes, he teaches all grades.

Rubarth has at least one interesting experience outside of this teaching.  He auditioned for The Bachelor, the television show, in the summer of 2015 with a friend. On a Tuesday night, he got dressed up and went to Detroit spontaneously. While nothing came from it, it was still an exciting experience.

“There were a lot of people there and everyone was dressed up and chatting,” Rubarth stated, “It was a lot of fun on a random Tuesday.”

Rubarth is excited to start new at Milford High School and continue his teaching career. Here at Milford, students and administration alike are  excited to welcome him and all the new staff to the school.

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New Math Teacher Introduced to Milford High