Mr. Milford competitors ready to put on a show

Jenna Carlisle, Staff Writer

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Every year, male students from Milford High School compete in a four-part beauty pageant hoping to be crowned Mr. Milford. The four parts of the event include a black tie walk, a beachwear walk, a talent segment, and a question portion where the judges ask contestants questions that they must answer on the spot. Each grade will have a different winner with the senior winner receiving the ultimate title of Mr. Milford.

The competition is tough but none of the boys seem to be nervous. Sophomore Nolan Rand, who won Mr. Freshman last year and expects the same result this year, is confident going into the competition.

“There’s no doubt in my mind that I will win,” said Rand. “I bring to the table what no other contestant will: passion, pride, and fire.”

The show is fun for spectators, but contestants enjoy the experience just as much. Senior Benjamin Hunter Goedert, who plans on receiving his second consecutive win this year, chose to return because of all the fun he had last year.

“I’m more excited than I’ve ever been in my life,” said Goedert, “There’s nothing I love more than making people laugh.”

The boys are all working very hard to make their acts perfect, and are hoping for a big audience. Overall, the preparations seem to be going well, but the juniors faced a major setback when discovering that milking a goat on stage was not an appropriate talent. The other talents have been approved, but remain secret only to be revealed to students who attend the show, so clear your Monday night plans, grab a friend, and head out to the Mr. Milford to see who wins the crown!

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Mr. Milford competitors ready to put on a show