Seniors give underclassmen great advice for scheduling

Apryl McDiarmid, Photo Manager

Many students have a difficult time deciding what they want to do after high school and the career fields they want to pursue. Sometimes, just taking a particular class can ease that uncertainty.

“Before high school, I changed my career choice almost every week; once I took a marketing course I knew that it was what I wanted to do,” said senior Jessica Niemiec.

Choosing your own classes may be difficult. Picking a variety of classes is beneficial. Before choosing your classes, it’s good to make sure that you have all of your required courses for that year filled in. Also, students should take into the account as to what credits they need to take in order to graduate. For junior and seniors, there is a lot more room for taking classes that you are really interested in.

“The most difficult part about choosing classes is making wise choices,” said senior Alexis Pawlusiak. “You have a big opportunity to figure out what you want to do. You don’t want to want to chose a class that doesn’t spark your interest.”

There are a lot of different types of courses that are offered at MHS. Advanced Placement classes are becoming more popular.

“I took AP Literature and AP Language and Composition because I knew they would be beneficial for college,” said senior Logan Bowyer.

Niemiec has taken four AP courses. “I took AP classes to challenge myself and also to be able to earn college credit. I really enjoyed the fast pace and high expectations of those classes,” she said.

OSTC is also an option!

“I’m taking visual imaging because I asked my photography teacher for advice to help me be more prepared and to know more about photography. She suggested OSTC. This class is heavily focused on graphic design and it’s where I realized I really enjoyed it,” said Pawlusiak.

Future juniors and seniors start thinking about taking a course at OSTC ,which means students attend for three hours of the school day and can be exposed to many different classes that can help them decide what they want to do after high school.

Many classes can change a student’s opinion of what he or she wants to pursue in the future. Being exposed to different types of courses is key.

“Taking photography has furthered my desire to become a photographer. Before I figured out that I wanted to study graphic design and photography, I wanted to become a psychologist. I took that class my junior year and I really enjoyed learning about it, but I figured out that I didn’t want to study it in college,” Pawlusiak.

Whether it’s your freshman, sophomore, or junior year, scheduling can be stressful. Make sure you get your required credits over with early, so your junior and senior year has more room for electives. If you are really overwhelmed with your choices, don’t hesitate to make an appointment with your counselor and talk to them about your classes!