Milford teacher graduates love community feel

Apryl McDiarmid, Photo Manager

A lot of people don’t know this but there are actually teachers here that have graduated from Milford High School!

Ms. Weeks teaches in the English department and is the drama teacher at MHS. Mr. Salyers works in the fine arts department.

Mr. Salyers began teaching in 1997. When he started 75 – 80% of the staff members retired. “It seemed like they all retired all at once. I was attending a lot of retirement parties,” says Mr. Salyers. Salyers coached Mr. and Mrs. Hincka in track when they went to high school at Milford. On the other hand when Weeks graduated there were teachers there that are still here today! “I didn’t have them as teachers but, Swierkos and Kynast were here my junior and senior years. Mitchell was here my senior year, she was a newer teacher,” said Weeks.  

Weeks and Salyers have both encountered the same Milford community for many years now and it’s good to say it hasn’t changed. “The sense of community and sense of pride is still the same as when I graduated, it is one of the things I love most about Milford,” Weeks. “The kids, family and staff are the hometown community it’s always been,” Salyers.

Although Weeks agreed that nothing has drastically changed in the family and community perspective, Weeks says, “Back in the day the spirit weeks used to be as a whole, there was no separation of classes. There was still a competition between the four grades. It was more unified.” “Times evolve so some of the things we used to do you just couldn’t do now. We did crazy things- all in good fun though. There was a fundraiser and all of the teachers played the U of M basketball players in a game of basketball in the small gym,” Salyers.

A lot of modifications and updates have been made to the high school and it’s weird to imagine it any other way than what it is now. Picturing it any different from what current students are used to is strange. “There was a lot of building renovations going on when I went to school here, especially during my senior year,” Weeks. During Weeks’ senior year the upstairs was just being finished and the CPA wasn’t added on yet. “I was doing all of my drama classes in the Little Theatre and it’s so nice now working in the CPA,” Weeks. “The LGI was the Cafeteria and the Quads was the media center,” Salyers.

MHS has added on and modified the building but it’s safe to say that the roots of MHS haven’t changed, for the better. Milford High School has always been a safe community and all of the teachers and staff have been welcoming for decades.