Students look to winter break for relaxation with family, friends

Nathan Grigereit, Assistant Opinion Writer

For students, winter break is fast approaching. To students this means they get a short period of rest before midterms.

Students have time to visit family, go on vacation, and to do the things they enjoy. For some students the holiday break is spent travelling or spending time at a family member’s house. For others, the break can involve sitting indoors and doing nothing.

A large amount of students celebrate some sort of religious event over winter break. Even though not all students celebrate a religious event, they still enjoy spending time with their family and friends.

Winter break is also a popular time for skiers and snowboarders. Since winter break is looking like there is going to be a good layer of snow on the ground, skiers and snowboarders should have good conditions to hit the slopes.  

“I’ll probably be travelling and getting to see my family and friends,” says Lyllian Simerly, a junior at MHS. Simerly will probably be spending her break visiting friends and family in Kentucky and West Virginia.

Like many students ,she’ll be spending some time outdoors over break. “I’ll go sledding and build a snowman,” says Simerly.

For students who are not going to be travelling over break, there time may be spent differently. Some students going skiing at local ski hills, or go sledding, or they might play pond hockey. So even if you stay home all break there are still things to do in the area.

“I’m excited to see all of my family from around the country,” says Brandon Gollan, a junior at MHS. Like many students, Gollan will be spending winter break at home. He plans on going snowboarding at Alpine Valley over break a lot.

Even if you travel over break or stay home the winter break is going to be a good time to relax and rest. It will give students the time off from school they need in order to relax and get ready for midterms which are a couple weeks after the break ends.