Winter is coming

Mike Smith, Staff Writer

It’s only a matter of time. Within a few weeks, snow will likely fall to the ground. Many people rejoice as winter begins, but for others, it starts the worst part of every year.

“Snow is a love-hate relationship. “It’s ok at first, but it gets in your face and gets annoying,” said sophomore Dylan Riggs.

At the start of the year, Milford High School is filled with T-shirts,shorts and summer vibes. Then slowly but surely pants begin to show up but nobody seems to mind, then Mother Nature proceeds with bitter cold and endless amounts of snow.

But some Mavs embraces winter with an open heart.

“The holiday spirit is the best. Everyone gets in a good mood and treats each other very well,” said sophomore Myles Morris, but the aftermath of winter comes in January and February. “ The snow becomes dirty, the roads get messy and it’s impossible to drive, and everything becomes groggy.”

Winter can be a very beautiful and destructive thing, many people see this as a time to sit inside and contemplate their existence, while others go outside and use every opportunity they can to play in the snow.

“Winter is awesome,” said sophomore Tyler Knapp, “Snowboarding is one of my favorite things to do, so let’s hope for a very white winter.”

Other students are not so enthusiastic.

“Winter is a terrible thing,” said sophomore Michael Marinucci, “I don’t know how people can like it. It’s cold, it’s wet, and an overall bad experience.” Marinucci mentioned Christmas and spending time with family over the holidays as the only good thing about the winter months.

Winter is divisive. Many Mavs feel like winter is a giant frustration full of bad driving conditions, layers of uncomfortable clothes and cold hands, but other Mavs feel like winter brings a plentiful amount of opportunities for fun and endless enjoyment.