Gun store leaves Milford.

Daniel Onofrio, Photo Manager


There has been a debate in this country for quite some time as many Americans argue about the interpretation of The Second Amendment.

In 1787, the Constitution was signed and it included the Second Amendment which stated, “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” This means that everyone who is an American citizen has the right to own a gun of their choice. Some people feel that some guns like assault rifles are dangerous and only lead to violence.

“The Second Amendment has been taken out of context. The guns were not the same back when the Constitution was written,” said Erika Rice, a local Milford mother. “Our gun laws are not good enough. A psycho can purchase a gun and go and shoot someone.” One portion of America believes that assault weapons are only used to harm and should be banned or regulated more seriously.

The other portion of America supports Second Amendment rights and they believe that people should have the right to own any gun, including an assault weapon.

“The right to own a gun is in the Constitution, therefore you should be able to own a gun. The Constitution gives me the right to vote and if someone took that away from me, I would not be happy,” said Dawn Grigereit, a local Milford mother.

People like Grigereit do not necessarily own or want to own as many guns as they can buy, they just simply believe that they have the right as an American citizen to buy a gun.

Recently, the local Milford gun store “Huron Valley Guns” , which was located at 143 S. Milford Rd decided to move their business down the road to South Lyon. In an article in the Detroit Free Press, Ed Swadish, the store owner stated, “There were too many restrictions, after we looked at every single thing they asked us to do, some was just too overwhelming.” The new store will be located near a South Lyon school and this has some people worried, but other people do not see the problem

“Gun stores are protected by bars and security cameras; They are very safe and the people who go there and shop there are very respectable people who are educated about gun safety and gun control,” stated Deputy Delanoy,  the Milford High School police liasion. “I do not support the ownership of a CPL (Concealed Pistol License) nor do I not support it, but I do not support open carry near a school or anywhere because it puts you and everyone around you in danger.”

He explained that having a gun that everyone can see can make someone who is thinking about harming someone want to harm you first because you are the one that can stop them. Deputy Delanoy also does not like guns near or in schools because it is a distraction from learning and that was school is meant to be for.

Students have mixed feelings about the issue.

“I do not see a problem with people open carrying and having a concealed pistol license, but you should have to show proof that you are allowed to be carrying that weapon in public before you enter the building,” said Tim Forkin, a Milford student. “Just do not shoot someone and I do not have a problem with it.”

The Constitution is interpreted differently by everyone and the question of what guns should be allowed and what guns should be banned and who can own a gun will always be debated. When the Constitution was written, times were very different and now the guns have changed and people do not know what applies to the Second Amendment. This debate will continue at both a federal and local level.