Get to know Deputy DeLanoy!


Bre Marsh, Assistant Feature editor

Many people see Deputy Eric DeLanoy around Milford High School  and don’t really understand why he’s here. Like all officers, his job here is to protect and ensure the people’s safety.  

“One of my key goals is to make people feel safe when they’re at school,” said DeLanoy.

One thing he does a lot for students is talk to parents about issues outside of the school. If there’s a situation at home, DeLanoy will talk to the parents with the students to work out the best solution for the student. He hopes that issues at MHS, such as drugs and violence, will be minimized with his presence in the building. 

DeLanoy started working at Milford in the 2013-2014 school year, the same year the class of 2017 started its freshman year.

He was a Milford graduate which makes this job important to him and want to help that much more.  

MHS staff members understand the importance of DeLanoy’s role in the building. Language Arts Teacher Rob Hamilton notices his support for students going through problems that could get them in legal trouble.

“I think we are lucky to have Deputy DeLanoy because with his background here, [Milford High School] he really cares about making Milford a safe place,” said Hamilton.

Delanoy’s interest in law started in a practical law class where he learned about the history and development of law when he was at Oakland Community College, where he earned his Associate’s Degree. He then attended the Oakland Police Academy. He has been working at the Oakland County Police Department for 15 and a half years.

He advised students to take a variety of classes and to get involved in the school whether it’s in sports, fine arts, being in Leadership or an extracurricular activity.

DeLanoy hopes to build a relationship with the students and staff so that everyone feels comfortable. His wants to be approachable to everyone and anyone.

“He’s really nice.” said Sydney Rice, a junior at Milford. “He always makes a point to say ‘hi’ to me in the hall.” 

His door is always open to talk about any issues concerning your safety. For any  situation, you can go to the main office and ask if he’s available. If not, ask to make an appointment.   

DeLanoy is here to ensure students have a safe four years of high school at Milford and wanted to emphasize that he is here to help you.