Staff Appreciation Week is Here

Cami Munce, Staff Writer

This week is Staff Appreciation Week at Milford High School. This annual event is ran by Leadership and is designed to give thanks to the Milford staff for all the hard work they put in to make Milford what it is. This week includes days specialized to give thanks in a certain way. For example, on Tuesday, the entire staff gets coffee and doughnuts. Throughout the week, there will also be an ice cream party, a cookout, gifts and much more. This event is constructed to recognize each Milford staff member and highlight each person’s contribution to this school.

“I like that leadership is doing this because I feel like there are a lot of people at Milford who do so much and aren’t recognized for it. I think it’s nice to reach out and say thank you and acknowledge their hard work,” stated Mya Zeese, A Milford sophomore who is on the committee that designed and put on spirit week this year.

One of the activities planned for the week is for students to bring teachers ice cream during fifth hour on Thursday.

“I’m pretty excited to put on the ice cream party. I think that the staff deserves to be rewarded for their improvement they add to this school and I think that doing something like an Ice Cream Party is a nice way of saying thank you,” added Carly Apple, a Milford Junior who is a part of Leadership.

This whole week has been crafted to acknowledge each and every staff member and the hard work they put in to make Milford High School the amazing school it is.