Staff Appreciation Week in Review

Cami Munce, Community Editor

Last week was Staff Appreciation Week at Milford High school. Staff Appreciation week is an event designed by Milford Leadership to say thanks to the Milford employees. Each day of the week had a different event to give thanks. For example, on Tuesday, handwritten letters and roses were hand delivered by students and on Wednesday, mugs were delivered with small novelties to each teacher. In review, this week was very successful. Friday capped off this event by giving teachers a luncheon with food from staple restaurants in Milford.  

“I think it’s important to have something for the teachers to say thank you for being such an important part of Milford”, stated Riley Simlar, a Milford Junior.

“The staff at Milford is constantly working to better our school and I don’t think they get enough credit for it. Its nice to give them something in return”, said Courtney Fortin, a Milford Sophomore.

Looking back, it’s safe to say Staff Appreciation week this year was a success and will most likely become a standing tradition set up by leadership to say thank you to the wonderful staff of Milford high school.