Bleak weather can cause a drop in grades and morale

Megan Fullmer, Arts and Entertainment editor

Senioritis is a topic that students are far too familiar with. The symptoms consist of persistent laziness, lack of motivation, irritability, fatigue and more time spent on Netflix rather than studying.

Despite being mainly for seniors, senioritis tends to affect Juniors and Sophomores as well, and can make the second semester almost impossible. Most students feel that they will avoid the laziness, but the excitement for graduation makes academic success harder to achieve.

Jacob Sass, a senior at Milford high-school, has experienced some of the effects of senioritis. “I have definitely felt the need to spend more time with friends. So because of that I experience a lot more procrastination.”

Jacob went on to explain that “Students should look to their future and understand that it depends on their senior grades just as much as their other years, and they should keep trying their best.” While most students will experience the symptoms of senioritis, it could be a legitimate problem for others.

Some students may be experiencing Seasonal Affective Disorder, also known as SAD. The symptoms include fatigue, sadness, trouble concentrating, weight gain and even depression.

Although scientists are unsure about what causes SAD, many speculate that it is caused by the brain making less serotonin due to less sunlight during the winter. Students who are experiencing mid winter laziness still have time to get back on track.

Getting more sun and spending time outdoors can lessen the effects of senioritis and could also help with mid-winter depression. Students can also set achievable goals and make checklists based around their classes in order to keep up their grades and make the second semester easier.  

Furthermore, one of the most important factors in avoiding senioritis is sleep. According to Harvard Health Publications, sleep can make a person’s memory stronger as well as boost performance on tests and assignments.

Taking a 30 to 40 minute nap can allow students to reboot their mind, and could make work easier to accomplish.

Senioritis could be detrimental to grades and relationships, however students who manage their time and get a good amount of rest can get through their second semester with great grades and happy attitudes!