Mr.Sander inducted into Milford Hall of Fame


Nathan Grigereit, Staff Writer

“Everyday is a different story, nothing is seen twice” Says Jim Sander, a math teacher at Milford High School. He’s been teaching for 26 years and he started teaching at Milford in 1997. He began teaching because he likes working with kids.

In addition to teaching math, he also coaches the golf and girls basketball teams. His favorite sport to coach is golf. This is because you can take more time to enjoy and reflect on the sport, and you can focus on a player’s skill level and capabilities as an individual. He also enjoys it because you can easily find and fix problems that a player has. Usually in golf, the problems a player has are: Mental errors or they attempt to make shots beyond their capabilities.

In the future he hopes to continue playing and coaching golf and basketball.   

He was inducted into the Milford, Hall of Fame for coaching both of these sports. To him it was a very proud moment in his teaching and coaching career. He said that he didn’t expect it and that it is a huge deal to him.