Homecoming Week in Review

Cami Munce, Community Editor

Festivities at Milford are now dying down due to the end of spirit week. Five days of dressing up, followed by the pep rally, parade, and football game; then concluded with the homecoming dance has certainly worn down many Milford students. In review, this festive week has had many high points in which each student would claim their own favorite moment.

¨My favorite park of the week was just seeing all of the spirit around the school¨, said Derek Horne, a Milford junior.

Even though all the classes did an amazing job showing their school spirit, the seniors took home the trophy, winning spirit week. They also won the float competition with their spectacular model of the house from up completed with actual helium balloons.

“ I think that the juniors deserved to win the float competition”, stated, junior, Lexi McFall.

Regardless of who you believed deserved to win, it is clear that spirit week brought out each class’s competitive side.  

“ I loved doing the tug-of-war. I thought it was a cool way to get the girls involved in spirit week activities”, Mya Zeese told sources.

For the first year ever, the milford pep rally included a tug of war; However, only girls were allowed to compete. The seniors ended up winning, which helped add to them receiving the spirit week trophy this year.

Whether you liked the competition, the activities, or just simply seeing the school come together in spirit, it is safe to say that 2015 brought about one of the best spirit weeks at Milford High School to date.