MHS Spanish students visit the DIA

Jule Hattig, Photo Manager

March 19, 2020

       On Feb. 21, Spanish 3 students went on a field trip to the Detroit Institute of Art with MHS Spanish teacher Grisel Alfaro, or “Senora” for the students’ Hispanic art history unit. “It is very special for th...

What to do during a Staycation

Jule Hattig, Photo Manager

March 19, 2020

  Spring break is coming faster than one may think; everyone is happy that there is no school and one is able to sleep in. But after a while, especially when friends leave for vacation, the break can feel longer than a week...

MHS car fanatics taking over the parking lot

Tyler Kerr, Staff writer

March 19, 2020

  The loud exhaust generated as students put the pedal to the metal in the school parking lot is n’t anything new. Some find it absolutely ridiculous, and some make an effort to drive like every road is a dragstrip. If we track this “recklessness” to its roots, however,...

The Most Confusing Holiday

Steven Grigereit, Managing editor

February 12, 2020

A tradition since the 17th century, yet people all around the world still have to figure it out… february 14th, Valentines day, the most confusing holiday of the year. Some out there may be asking why it is confusing and if so, cong...