Harry Styles Love on Tour over the years


Lloyd Wakefield

Harry Styles in Chicago, night 1

Kate Kelly, Staff Writer


Love on Tour, Harry Styles’ world tour has officially ended in North America as of Feb. 1 His final show in Palm Springs, California was held at Acrisure Arena, and celebrated Styles’s 29th birthday. His tour originally started on Saturday, Sept.4th, 2021 in Las Vegas, NV touring songs from his albums “Fine Line” and “Self-titled”. His new album, “Harry’s House”, which came out on May 20th, 2022, was toured this year and has recently won “Album of the Year” at the 2023 Grammys. Styles has had 88 shows in North America including huge residencies in New York City and LA. Love on Tour has now been 1.5 years long with 2 North American Legs, 2 UK/Europe Legs, 1 Australia/New Zealand Leg, and 1 Latin America Leg. Love on Tour is currently set to end on July 22, 2023 in the UK. The next 4 months will conclude this 3 year long tour.

Harry Styles growth as a solo artist has become sensational, previously coming from his boy band “One Direction ” that formed in 2010 off of the X-factor, then split in January of 2016. His 3rd album has advanced his career, selling 330,000 albums and resulting in 66 million monthly Spotify listeners as of March 2023. Styles has also further developed an acting career, starring in “Don’t Worry Darling” and “My Policeman” in the fall of 2022. Love on Tour was officially nominated as “iHeartRadio’s Best Tour.” His setlist featured many fan favorites that went extremely viral on various social media platforms including Watermelon Sugar, As It Was, Late Night Talking, and Matilda. Harry had one Michigan show that was held at Little Caesars Arena in September of 2021. Although only one show took place in Michigan, many students from Milford High School traveled to see him in places like Chicago and New York City. The heart-warming, joyful experience of seeing Styles live is worth traveling out of state to attend additional shows for many fans.

Senior, Grace Cox went to the Chicago residency show held at the United Center on October 9th, 2022 and explained that, “Being able to see him live just meant so much; he’s really been able to keep me going, and he’s just inspired me so much. Being able to see somebody like that in person. It’s just so amazing. Also being able to be with other fans that all love Harry so much and just have something in common with everyone even though you don’t know each other. That was so cool.” This was the 2nd night out of the 6 that Styles played in Chicago, although this was not Grace’s first time seeing Harry. Previously, when Styles came to Detroit, Grace also attended. This was her first concert ever and she happily reflected that, “It was really fun because he’s so lively, and he really values being there with all of his fans, which was awesome and everybody loves him so much.” Styles is known for his outstanding stage presence that lights up the room. He fills his shows with many fan interactions and sometimes even gives fans advice on their own life issues. Sophomore Shayla Tokar saw Harry for the first time on Sept.3rd. Shayla traveled to New York for a family trip, and was then surprised with tickets from her parents. “Seeing 2022’s Album of the Year live was the best first concert experience,” she said, “The connections with others in the crowd will be something I will always remember!”

Another aspect of this tour that many enjoyed was Styles’ style. Harry Lambert is his stylist and puts together many unique looks throughout the year. Harry’s Gucci x Adidas shoes that the fans have now named “Satellite stompers” because of a move he does in every show when his song Satellite plays, have become famously known. Harry and Gucci created a collaboration which also stood out in the fashion world called the Gucci ‘HA HA HA’ collection. Styles is known for his one of a kind outfits that create many reactions varying with love and hate. Boas have also become a popular accessory to wear at his concerts, many people have been either replicating or making outfits he has worn/would wear.

Love on Tour has created a safe and happy space for many fans. Styles continues to grow his career and has already teased an upcoming 4th album that keeps fans on their toes. As he rises to the top he never forgets how he got there. His mom and sister are very supportive of him and are often seen at his shows. He has become a national icon and is looked up to by many. No one knows what the future holds for Styles, but no doubt it will be extraordinary.