How students attend a rigorous rehearsal


Aubrey Snavley, Assistant Editor

The Milford Theater Company has a reputation for producing visually stunning and talent-filled productions, but how exactly do the participating students balance rigorous rehearsal schedules, their school work and other obligations? Is this time commitment worth the stress that may come along with it? When comparing the techniques and methods of managing time between new members and 4-year members alike, many alike ideals emerged. Similarly to how these students have a shared appreciation for the Milford Theatre Company, despite how much time goes into putting together the productions.

To begin, one may ask, with all the time put into rehearsal and show prep, what truly makes the experience worthwhile? Especially when looking at the tension this time commitment may have on many busy students’ schedules. “It’s all about the people,” said Junior member Shea Giese when asked what makes MTC (Milford Theater Company) worth the time commitment. Other MTC students shared similar sentiments. MTC DirectorMegan Weeks said that seeing the students grow, even within the span of one show, makes her job and time put into the program extremely worth it. She continued to say that she’s had many students take on difficult classes while maintaining a strong position within the theatre company. This nicely illustrates the many opportunities students still have while being a part of MTC. 

Continuing on the issue of time commitment and school work, Giese went on to share that although balancing her school work with rehearsals is often a challenge, in the long run, it helps to develop more solid study and homework habits. Similarly, senior Joe Meagher stated that it’s not only very realistic to be a full-time student and be a part of MTC, but it’s very possible to take AP classes and maintain a high GPA when the effort is put in. “Most students I know, including myself, get more done during our busy musical season rather than the rest of the year because we learn to manage our time and complete our work more efficiently,” said Meagher. This seemed to be another common idea when asking  MTC members, how even when at their busiest , these students take the opportunity to put on a good show. 

To  break down how exactly MTC members complete school work with rigorous rehearsal schedules,Senior Jillian Armstrong said that the majority of her homework is completed during the breaks of rehearsals. “When it’s not my turn to do anything, I just work on whatever I can and try to get it done,” said Armstrong.  Whether it be using class time or Seminar hours to finish assignments, the MTC students have figured out efficient ways to complete their work, even during their rehearsal-filled weeks

As a whole, MTC produces wonderfully entertaining productions that, despite requiring a lot of time commitment, always result in visually stunning and unique performances. Students in these productions have learned to maintain their difficult classes and busy schedules while also being a significant part of the show. No matter how much stress the limited homework time may cause, it’s truly “all about the people” that these students share the stage with. It’s about creating meaningful and positive relationships that will last long after the curtain falls.