Predicting Celebrities New Year’s Resolutions

Sophia Jobe, Staff Writer

Many students  look up to celebrities in the media, view their social media accounts, , keep up with their lives and even go out of their way to follow some of their lifestyles. As we approach the end of the year, we face an annual trend: New Year’s resolutions. These hopeful goals that we push ourselves to accomplish, are often forgotten or thrown by the wayside within a few weeks.  When it comes to New Year’s resolutions, celebrities are likely owners of the wildest and most unrealistic expectations.. If celebrities were honest and true to themselves and their fans, here’s what their New Year’s resolutions would be, according to Milford High School students.


“Get a therapist that doesn’t leave me after one session”–Kanye West (Senior Sadie Davis)


“Take over TikTok and ruin it like Twitter”–Elon Musk (Senior Declan Parr)


“Write another song that sounds like it should be used to help toddlers get dressed!”– Megan Trainor (Senior Megan Hotchkiss)


“Shatter my vocal cords even more!”–Brendan Urie (Senior Austin Matlis) 


“Make a hard-hitting return to the Oscars this year”–Will Smith (Senior Ben Mondrush)


“Release another movie that the audience with ‘eat up’!”–Armie Hammer (Junior Pia Grottschreiber)


“Figure out how to use the boomerang feature on Instagram”– Lady Gaga (Senior Laney Martin)


“Find my real dad”– Khloe Kardashian (Senior Sydney Hill)