Varsity show choirs prepare for final senior showcase

Bria Washburn, Staff Writer

As students transition into the last few weeks of school, Milford varsity choirs are getting ready to put on one final show of the year. On June 3, both Choraleers and Center Stage are excited to be performing “Senior Showcase.”

It will consist of each group performing four songs on their own, two unified songs, one senior-only song, and many solos or group numbers from the seniors. This is slightly different from prior years as the senior showcase used to be two independent shows: Soiree for the Choraleers and Cabaret for Center Stage.

However, since the vocal music program has welcomed a new director, Brittany Miller, the two shows have been combined into one. The purpose, however, is still the same: to showcase all the students’ hard work throughout the year and honor the seniors one last time before they leave.

Choraleers co-president Meghan Osburn shares her thoughts on the showcase. “I’m excited for a lot of things,” she said, “but I think above all I’m just excited to perform one last time with everyone before graduating.”

A lot of the traditions from both shows have been retained as well, such as a song where all the seniors get to sing in their prom dresses, a song dedicated to the parents, and seniors being introduced by  underclassmen. 
In addition to that, the show is also a way to welcome the “newbies” or next year’s incoming members. The newbies will be in one of the divided four songs from each choir, depending on which group they’re joining, as well as one combined group number. “It feels very exciting,” freshman Hana Scripture, a future Choraleers member says, “the showcase is a great opportunity to see what the next three years in show choir will be like and really makes me feel like I’m a part of the bigger groups.”
Since late April, the varsity choirs have been attending rehearsals to learn new dances and songs in addition to working hard during class. While not quite as time-consuming or intense as the Pops show that gets put on every year, it still requires a lot of dedication and work outside of rehearsals or class, especially from the seniors as they mostly plan the show. “Doing senior showcase requires lots of responsibility as we work hard to find the right songs and teach new dances in a short amount of time,” Student director of Choraleers, Senior Rachel Martin, said “There’s also a lot of pressure as we really want this to go well because this is the seniors’ last show.” 
A lot of the choreography and songs are from prior years that the students’ loved or found while watching old Pops shows, and wanted to bring back. The Choraleers are bringing back some of their favorites such as Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend and Walking On Sunshine. 
Center Stage will also be performing some of their classics such as Cabaret and Faith. In addition to bringing back some past songs, Miller is bringing in choreographer Suzanne Jonna, who choreographed two numbers for Pops and helps with a lot of the choreography for the fall musical, to create a new dance for one of the combined numbers
With the fun mix of solos, ballads, and dance numbers, the senior showcase is sure to dazzle. If you happen to find yourself free on June 3rd, you should definitely attend the show as you can expect lots of fun costumes, dances, and songs.

Photo from Center Stage’s 2021 cabaret Tara Johnson
All of the choirs performing together at the 2022 spring concert. (Tara Johnson)
Choraleers posing for a picture before their 2021 Soiree. (Meghan Osburn)