“Inside” the band Mother Mother

Sabrina Girardi, Staff Writer


The long-awaited 8th album has finally arrived. Mother Mother has wowed fans yet again with their newest album, “Inside.” The Canadian indie rock band began making music in 2005, and has grown in popularity in Canada and in the United States since. If you like Arctic Monkeys, or The Neighbourhood, this could be the band for you. The mix between Their debut album, “Touch Up,”, featuring hit song “Oh Ana”, started off their career strong. The band released its second album, “O My Heart,” in 2008. Through the years following, they released several other albums. “Dance and Cry” in 2018 was one of their best albums’, showcasing “It’s Alright”. Recently, they have been rising to fame throughout the United States due to their success on TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter. On TikTok, their page has 2.3 million followers and on Instagram they have 460 thousand. Finally, 14 years after their first album was gifted to the public, “Inside” (the deluxe version) was released this year.

Their most popular song, “Hayloft ”, took off on the social media platform TikTok in early 2020; years after their album was released and the band first began. According to Beth Jordan from Aquinas College, on the TikTok platform alone, over 579,000 videos of several varieties are posted under their song “Hayloft”. A large majority of their new United States audience was shocked to learn that they originated in 2005. Most of the new fanbase had never heard of the group. Their growing fame is welcomed, but shocking to the band. Over 14 years of hard work and dedication pays off; Ryan Guldemond, Mother Mother’s lead vocalist, told the CBC  “Luck, good timing and a little pixie dust” helped them achieve this overnight fame and success.

While the band was going viral, original fans were getting really excited about the deluxe version of “Inside.” Originally released on June 25 of 2021, the album rereleased with seven additional songs on Jan. 27. In total the deluxe version shares 21 songs, including their newest single “Life.” The deluxe version is tearing apart the charts. “Hayloft ll” has already reached over one million streams alone, passing “Hayloft” as their most popular song. “Hayloft ll” completes the story “Hayloft” was telling the audience. It introduces two lovers who are torn apart by death, caused by a father’s vengeance. “Hayloft ll ” shows the heartbreak of losing their loved one, and how revenge is a healthy way of healing. The fans couldn’t be more excited for this story’s long awaited completion. The beat and rhythm of both songs go with the storyline of each song.  The overlying darkness and grunge goes with the theme of “Hayloft ll” and contrasts with  the lightness of the beginning of “Hayloft”, leaving goosebumps.

Some of the other breathtaking songs on the  “Inside” album include “The Knack”, which builds on a beginning to remember with a subsequently chilling climax. With a strong leading beat and echoing voices common with other songs featured in the album, the familiarity of their sound as a band shines in this song, highlighting unique touches audiences cannot find in other music. While their music consists mainly of indie rock and bass to blast on loudspeakers, this album features “Like a Child (Piano Demo)”. This song calls attention to the unique sound of Guldemond’s voice with a quiet piano playing in the background that we don’t normally see in their music. Their adaptability to create music in several different genres is another way they set themselves apart.