Milford choir adjusts to new leadership


Bonding is important for  students to become closer. Shown above are members of the various Choirs hanging out  together (Photo by Emmaline Allen).

Emmaline Allen, Staff Writer

For years, a group of students all shared two things in common: their love for music and their choir teacher–Maryann Lambrecht, who retired after 15 years. The Vocal Music Program is extremely grateful for her contributions. While she taught, she not only planted ambition in students’ hearts, but she worked tirelessly to help them improve as individuals and as a group. For example, in 2006, there was a revival in Concert Choir, and Men’s Ensemble was created.
The new director, Brittany Miller, has been teaching for 12 years. She attended VanderCook College of Music in Chicago, Ill and got her masters degree at Wayne State. She now is taking on the role of teaching different classes, Including Center Stage, Choraleers, Concert Choir, HVVA Communications, and Adaptive Choir. Theatre director and Teacher, Megan Weeks is working with Miller on the fall musical production “Once Upon A Mattress”.
Some think a new perspective is just what was needed. “She’s like a breath of fresh air for the program,” said Junior Center Stage member Ben Mondrush. There seems to be a great deal of enthusiasm surrounding Miller’s hiring. “I really like Ms. Miller,” said Junior Center Stage member Aubrey Snavely. “She has really good music taste and brings the group together. She’s loving, understanding and accepting.” It seems that many agree that Miller has all the qualities of a great teacher and that she is a wonderful addition to Milford High.
When the Covid-19 pandemic hit Michigan, many students’ normal lives were put on pause. In 2020, Pops, a show put on every March by Center Stage and Choraleers, was cancelled, leaving many devastated. Cabaret and Soiree, end-of-the-school-year showcases put on by each varsity group, were also cancelled. These shows are usually an opportunity for students to wrap up the year by presenting their hard work. Due to a lack of knowledge about choir, there has been very low enrollment for certain classes. For example, Men’s Ensemble was cancelled due to this problem. However, Students had the opportunity to perform last spring, and are now hopeful for a more typical choir experience this year.
Whether it is new people, new music, or just a new environment, this year is definitely a transition for everyone. “There are new members and a new director, so there’s a lot of new going on,” said Junior Choraleer member Ally Wilmot. “It’s a lot different because we’re not online, and there are different teaching styles.” With all these recent adjustments come opportunities as well. All of the musicals and concerts are regularly scheduled and being arranged.
Excitement surrounds these students as they prepare for the year. Students are excited for the fresh start with so many new members. “I think I’m looking forward to not only getting to know the Choraleers, but everybody in the program,” said Sophomore Choraleers member Savannah Lane. For many, their high school days are dwindling down as their last year starts. “I am definitely looking forward to Pops,” Senior Center Stage member Tim Dawe stated. “Senior year, new director… It’s gonna be fun.”

Pictured on the top right is Miller with The Choraleers on Treble Voice Day, when choir students from across the district gather to learn music that they later perform for their families (Photo by Emmaline Allen).