Blair Witch sequel is even better than the original


Bre Marsh, Assistant Feature Editor

As Halloween approaches, seeing scary movies are at the top of students’ to do lists this fall. The movie “Blair Witch”, in theaters since September 16, 2016, is one to see this Halloween season. This version is a sequel to the original version, The Blair Witch Project, which was aired July 1999.

The story starts where main character, James (James Allen McCune) watches a tape of his sister, Heather, who disappeared almost 10 years ago as seen in the original. The tape convinces James that Heather is still out there and takes a group of friends to find her in the forest that is told to be inhabited by the Blair Witch.

The movie is filmed in a documentary style. It’s set up so that James’s friend, Lisa (Callie Hernandez) is documenting their camping experience for a school project. The shaky, handheld camera lets audiences feel the anxiety of the characters as horror starts to arise.

They meet up with Lane and Talia, who are native to the area, and join them in their frightful journey to help navigate through the cursed forest. The couple is very convinced that the Blair Witch is real and is dangerous. James and his friends, including Brandon Scott as Peter and Corbin Reid as Ashley, think it’s all a myth until their first night camping when they wake up to a loud noise once in the middle of the night, then wake up in the late afternoon to symbols representing the witch all around the campsite. This is when they start to believe.

The film builds up the suspense and horror as the story goes on. The style of film really makes audiences feel as if you were watching a real life documented tape of their experience. Some parts, it almost feels as if the viewer is in the movie with the camera angles showing the character’s point of view.

The characters have ear pieces, hand held cameras, and an air drone to capture their spooky experience.

As with most supernatural/ paranormal movies, the climax isn’t until the very end and when it hits, its ends abruptly leaving you with questions and you talking you talking about it after.

As a person who doesn’t watch scary movies a lot, this one intrigued me made me want to watch more scary movies. When leaving the theater, I didn’t think of the movie as being as scary as it was in the moment and it was just fun to get the thrill.. This movie opened up my world to other horror films.

Director Adam Wingard made other horror films such as Paradox Mary, released 2008, and Youŕe Next, released 2011. Wingward is coming out with a new horror film, Death note, an Anime movie that is to come out in 2017.

All actors, like the original, are little known actors. The fact that these aren’t well known actors gives you a feeling as if it could be you in the woods. For not being well known,

Blair Witch is movie full of unexpected turn of events and is one to watch this Halloween season. The film is rated R for language and disturbing images.