Dawn of Justice disappoints

James Thomason, Arts & Entertainment Editor

Oh DC what have you done? For anyone who isn’t a diehard superhero fan, this movie might be slightly enjoyable. If you like comics, if you like superheros, if you’ve ever held a 30-minute discussion on who would win fight between Batman and Superman, you’re going to cringe. You might even go home and cry a little. So nerds and fans alike get your tissues and let’s get started.

The grudge match stems from Bruce Wayne’s (Ben Affleck) presence in Metropolis during Superman’s grudge match with Zod.

During the fight, thousands of innocents perish, and Bruce Wayne saves as many as he can. However, he still holds an animosity towards Superman and holds him responsible for the loss of life. The premise might be interesting, but the film quickly goes off course. 

Let’s start with the ridiculous changes to core characters of the DC universe. What were you thinking with the characterization of Alexander Luthor? This is the Joker! The mannerisms, the lines , and the way that Lex Luthor(Jesse Eisenberg) is portrayed is awful.

Lex Luthor is supposed to be a big, strong calculative businessman, not a prepubescent kid with a psychotic streak. There are also several other DC introductions (which I will not spoil) that are so far from the comic image.

Then the movie delivers these masterfully crafted scenes that send you into the mind of Batman (Ben Affleck). These prolonged scenes make the movie two hours and serve absolutely no purpose. However, I will commend Ben Affleck for delivering an amazing Batman. This is how Batman should be: terrifying, dark, and chalk full of badass beatdowns.

Batman and the CGI fight scenes in this movie are impressive. They are are unfortunately the movies only redeeming qualities. 

This movie is a 5/10. It can be a nice, entertaining filler for a boring day. However, it is not worth a trip to the movies. Wait for this movie to come out on DVD. And I apologize in advance if you’re a Marvel fan. This is a much darker and disconnected version and its attempt to compete with Marvel will leave comic fans disappointed.