What Not To Watch: How To Be Single Edition

Cami Munce, Community Editor

The Movie, How To Be Single, directed by Christian Ditter, was released this winter.

Upon watching, it became clear that this movie had ultimately no purpose.

I’m not saying that all  movies must have some deep philosophical plot line that makes the viewer re-evaluate his or her life, but this movie was specifically stupid.

The audience sits almost 2 hours just watching the main character, Alice (Dakota Johnson), get painfully dumped. Again. And Again. And just when you think she’s done getting dumped, she gets dumped again (Shocker!).

The movie also features two characters, whose names aren’t even worth mentioning, whose stories IN NO WAY WHATSOEVER tie to the plot.

The only relief to this pitiful production was Leslie Mann and Rebel Wilson, whose characters where the lighthouses in the stormy bay that was this film. However, watching  Amy climb out a movie car window couldn’t reprieve this awful movie.

Overall, I would rate this movie a D+ , and that’s being generous. I do not recommend this movie to anyone with a pulse. This is such a disappointment because this movie has an overall great cast but the awful script overwhelms the rest of the film. Save yourself the excruciating pain of this film and do something less painful, which is just about anything else.