Zootopia: the kids movie for all ages


James Thomason, Arts & Entertainment Editor

Disney continues to raise the bar every single time it makes a movie. Zootopia is proof they’ve done it again.  It’s comedic, heartwarming, and sends a powerful message. Disney has developed a phenomenal children’s movie with an introspective message for adults.

The movie covers Judy Hopps (Ginnifer Goodwin) the first rabbit to join the police force. Judy finds the opportunity to solve a mysterious case. Unfortunately, that means working with Nick Wilde (Jason Bateman), a fox who tries to lose her through a variety of sneaky movements.

It has a wonderful plot. Much like the winding turning, and surprising plot you find in Frozen.  It will keep you you guessing, and twist the plot in ways so unexpected even the adults won’t see coming.

Over the course of this movie’s comedic moments, you see the rabbit Judy befriend Nick. To do this,, she overcomes several prejudices. This is where the movie intertwines a supreme message for adults and kids alike.

Zootopia predators and prey are stereotyped based on their appearance and whether they are carnivorous or herbivorous. This storyline cuts right to the heart of stereotypes and racial problems within our society today.  The movie pushes the characters to look past what they see on the outside, and what the societal norm is in order to keep an open mind.

 Judy is also stuck in a difficult position when she realizes that even though she disagrees with stereotypes, she has her own prejudices. The struggles that are portrayed through the film send a great message to any audience in the most brilliant fashion.

The medium of a kids movie allowed Disney to send this controversial message to an audience.  Because no one in the audience can identify with any of the animals or stereotypes in the movies. This allows an audience to really self-reflect and talk about the issue rather than take offence to anything in the film. In truth, the only people truly offended by this film are those struggling with their own prejudices.

 Zootopia easily earns a 9/10. The movie is as poignant as it is entertaining. It carries a great message and a wonderful story. It’s a movie you should go see with kids or without. Catch it soon before this good one moves on.