Lazarus Effect, Movie Review

Camerin Munce, Community Editor

The movie, Lazarus effect, Directed by David Gelb, is considered a horror movie. The main plot follows a group of scientists as they create a new type of drug called Lazarus. This drug is supposed to in essence, bring things back to life after they have died. This movie is rated PG-13 and is an hour and 23 minutes long.

The movie begins by introducing the main characters: Zoe (Olivia Wilde), Frank (Mark Duplass), Clay (Evan Peters), and Niko (Donald Glover) who all play the role as scientists who are working to create this drug. Also there is a camera girl, named Eva (Sarah Bolger) who is filming the entire process of creating this amazing concoction. The scientists are first shown as they attempt to give a dead dog Lazarus and are all mystified to find that the drug does in fact work. Soon after, their whole experiment is shut down by the people who just bought the company funding this project. The only catch: the dog isn’t quite right in the head. Frank then talks everyone to illegally continuing the experiment. And just like every horror movie, things take a turn for the worst. Someone gets killed and administered lazarus. Is it a blessing or a curse? watch the movie and find out for yourself.  

I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes thrillers. I will say, this movie will keep you guessing until the end. All in all, I felt that this movie had a very good plot and very believable aspects which immerse you in the film. Coming from someone who can just about always guess the ending of a film before the movie even starts, you will be shocked to see what happens as the Lazarus takes effect.

I will admit this movie does tend to get a little foggy at times meaning you will get lost in the plot. I would say that on a scale of one to inception, this movie falls right in between. The cast, however does in fact make this movie as good as it is. Its is no surprise that actors such as Evan Peters, known for his role in the hit television series, American Horror Story, perform well and sell the movie. Also, I found it interesting that Donald Glover was in the movie given that he is now a well known rapper by the name Childish Gambino.