The Visit That You Shouldn’t Visit


James Thomason, A&E Editor

Go out and buy a blender. When this movie comes out on DVD, go get it, throw it in the blender or throw it out with the rest of your trash. That is the only way to enjoy this atrocious movie. The Visit’s cast, for starters, holds no noteworthy actors with experience, and the nauseatingly generic and dry script that even recycles lines only makes it worse. Then the scariest base for the movie is possession, but this isn’t at all what the movie encompasses.

Nope, the old people are just batshit crazy, and weird. So this “scary” movie has creepy old people and the pathetic, predictable, two jump scares. M. Night Shyamalan is an awful director based on this movie and the pathetic attempts of the past (i.e., Devil). The Visit has no script, a weak plot that is bolstered by 10 minutes of suspense at the end, and a pathetic horror base. Some of the scariest moments in the movie follow Nana (Deanna Dunagan) sun downing at night. The horror includes her running around like a flipping moron and puking. So scary. Not to mention, the 80 year old’s partial nudity that I’m sure every audience member wanted to see. Then, the shoddy home video camera style plagues this movie. If you’re not filming the movie, like Clover Field, you’re wasting your audience’s time.

If you haven’t realized by now, the movie is absolute garbage. I’d give the movie a two of ten, to be generous. The only reason why I didn’t give it a one was to enjoy the laughable comedy that is sadly considered horror; you feel like you’re watching a comedy, not a horror film. M. Night Shyamalan created this movie on a weak themed premise supported by a patchy script, mediocre acting, and pathetic home video style that ruined the scare factor. If there is any way that you can avoid seeing this movie and saving your money, do it!